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Is it right to lie about your age if you love that person?

Asked by jean (10points) November 15th, 2008

age and love

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No. Legal limits are there for a reason. And if you’re lying but you’re both above the age of consent, is that really how you want to start the relationship?

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i say no but just curious: is this hypothetical?

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Is it wrong to lie to someone you love?

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Yes it is hypothetical jca

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Is this going on the assumption that if it’s true love, honesty won’t matter? (does.not.compute!)

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If you truly love that person, why would you want to lie to them?

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Only lie if you want your love to be based on a lie. Once they find out the truth, they’ll wonder what else you have been lying about. Have you been faithful? Are you who you said you were?

Age is pretty fundamental. If you’ll lie about something that doesn’t matter, surely you’ll lie about something that does matter.

This is unless you’re lying about your age in a way that could get the other person incarcerated. Just because you won’t press charges doesn’t mean your parents won’t, if they find out. Ask yourself, do I love this person enough to get them gangraped in prison?

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In some cases if you lie, you might be setting him up for a felony. Is that love?

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its better if don’t lie if you really love someone. Lying will cause more confusion and in thend result in more lies.

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if they love you and you love them too then why would you lie? Wouldn’t they just accept who you are? Lying to your partner isn’t good you’ll always have that feeling of desperation within you.

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If you love a person I imagine you would be thinking of spending your whole life with that person… Lying about your age would be a pretty big secret to keep for the rest of your life. I personally have a hard enough time telling little white lies, I can’t imagine telling one that big for the rest of my life.

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You could always ask the other person if he would like you to lie about your age, and see what the response is.

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don’t ever lie to the person u love, u’ll end up hurtin them if they find out, and at the end u’ll end up beeing the hurt one… u should always be honest, and if they truly love you they wont care how old u r,,,,

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If you truly love that person, then you should be able to be conpletely honest and truthful with them….a relationship based on a lie is off to a very rocky start….

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I think so. If you love someone and want them to love and respect you for who you are, don’t lie. It’s kinda lame and makes things more complicated. Plus, just think of what a jackass you will look like when the truth comes out. Honesty is always the best policy.

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Not a good way to start any relationship – lying. Rather a stupid idea. Don’t do it.

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Heck no! Take it from someone who did and very nearly lost that person forever. The person on the receiving end just ends up feeling betrayed and like an ass for missing something so essential.

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A big age difference means there is probably a control issue involved (if we’re talking about the pre-adolescent-young adult here). If it’s between two adults, and you lie about your age (I know of a family with this problem), then that’s a whole other can of worms legally (especially if you have a child). In the case of this one family I’m very familiar with, the age lie is just one of the many (he also has a different name than what he’s claimed). Not only has it gotten in the way of medicare and other government support (for the child specifically due to not being able to get a legitimate birth certificate), but it is ethically wrong to deceive your significant other. What kind of relationship is that? Chances are, not a healthy one. If you decide to start out that way, it’ll probably come out eventually, or there will be a confrontation about it. You better have a damned good reason prepared for them.

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haha well i have lied about my age many times to people. but if you truly love each other then they shouldnt mind your age. they would probably realize that they still have things in common with you and still enjoy your company regardless what year you were born. like they say, age is only a number.

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certainly not. I will be found out eventually, and you don’t need that hanging over your head.

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I would say that you asking the question you already know the answer. I don’t see how love can be hurt by age. Kind of a dumb lie to try and hide to I’d say.

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If you love them you wouldn’t lie to them.

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To lie about something as simple as age can only cause problems. Besides, why would you even need to lie about your age to someone you love?

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