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What should I do with only one day and one night in New Orleans?

Asked by ljs22 (1077points) November 15th, 2008

I’ve never been before and want to cram as much as possible into about 20 hours. Where should I eat/walk/visit? I’m staying on Canal St. and I’m fairly adventurous.

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Go to the graveyards. They have really elaborate expensive mausoleums. They are like little castles for dead families. They are amazing I have never seen anything like them. And drink a couple of hand grenades on Bourbon Street.

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Coffee and Beignets at Cafe du Monde.

Estoufe and/or Gumbo at Mother’s.

Oysters on the 1/2, Oyster Po-boy and Potato Salad at Acme Oyster House.

Then get DESTROYED on Bourbon Street. (WARNING: Don’t drink more then ONE hand Grenade)

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Start your day at Cafe DuMonde, famous source of cafe au lait and beignets. Spend the day wandering through the French Quarter and be sure to take a tour of a history-packed cemetery. Have some amazing and authentic cuisine for dinner, then dance and drink the night away. If you’re feeling adventurous, late night, take a trip through the “Fruit Loop”, the local gay and lesbian bar scene. You’ll have a blast!

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Walk Royal St (one block parallel to Bourbon). Also, don’t miss the Garden District, which has a good cemetery.

Here’s Fodor’s take.

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Commander’s Palace for dinner. Old Absinthe bar for blues.

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Take me with you?

New Orleans is one of the few places I’ve always wanted to go!

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Try a Sazerac (cocktail).

Volunteer for a couple hours somewhere that needs help.

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Whatever you do don’t get arrested because you have to go to OPP and it sucks. I had it happen twice there and contrary to popular belief it is extremely easy to go to jail.

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Orleans parish prison. It is hell on earth.

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I would say, definitely don’t plan on sleeping. I was only in New Orleans once (and it was after Katrina) but it was an extraordinary time. Music really was playing everywhere. Certain streets were alive like mid-day. If you love music and also some delicious food (we went to a place called “Bones” for fabulous steaks), also the Cafe du Monde just before returning home around 4 am. I asked a question like this also on Fluther, and received some good advice, so you might want to check that out.

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Thanks, everyone! I can’t wait.

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