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Do girls HONESTLY feel embarrassed when their thong/underwear shows?

Asked by Anonymous523 (214points) November 15th, 2008

After all it’s only underwear but do girls truly feel embarrassed if their thong/underwear is showing

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If I’m bending down by accident, I’m not embarassed but I’d make sure it wouldn’t happen again. The only person that can see my undies is me! And my significant other. Plus I don’t wear pants that low for that to happen. :)

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ugly girls yes. Hot girls no.

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Nope. The only thing that will make me adjust my bra strap is if some ass is ogling me. We live in a post Madonna world, undergarments are fashion.

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Depends on where I am. If I’m at work, a formal dinner party, or out in public, yes I care.

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It depends. If I flash panties by accident I am embarrassed. If I do it on purpose, well, I guess you have the answer. I do not do thongs. Except on my feet. For those under 40, we used to call flip-flops thongs

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When I was growing up (I’m 41)I would have been horrified if my underwear was on public view…even a bra strap. Today, it doesn’t seem to bother the younger generations at all. Low rise pants are the norm, so seeing the underwear is, too. I have a 14 year old daughter, and she and her friends buy bras with cute/colorful straps because they know they will be on display in public. We would never have worn a spaghetti strap top with visible bra straps, but they all do now.

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If I wasn’t intending for them to show then I might be a bit embarrassed, but anyone who knows me well enough knows I don’t get embarrassed easily. Most likely I’d say something like “I see London…” and pull my pants up. I’d rather not sweat the small stuff.

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Not necessarily embarrassed, but I just think it’s tacky if someone’s underwear show all the time. As for bra straps, I could really care less. It’s just the strap, which is nothing to worry about.

@willbrawn: Please.

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I think it’s tacky, unprofessional, and not at all attractive. Some of the staff at work have a habit of flashing thong – we call them “another member of the crack club”. After they’ve had plenty of warnings to desist, they occasionally get them grabbed and yanked ruthlessly. You can wear whatever type of underwear you want, just keep it covered up.

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depends on where you are, and who saw. generally, i dont usually get “embarassed” i just fix it and walk away. if it continuously happens in one night/day then i would be a little embarassed, and then quite possibly buy myself a belt

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some do. Some don’t. I used to be mortified when my slip showed.

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I don’t know if people are embarrassed but the SHOULD be!

I have had many experiences (some at restaurants – ew) where I had to see someone’s ass hanging out of their pants and their too-big-for-that-thong butt showing. It looks like someone wrapped a huge ham in dental floss.

Wear whatever you like, but why do the rest of us have to see your butt floss? And bra straps are one thing, but pls keep your undies to yourself!


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crap, i was going for “flag”, and hit GA by accident

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[mod says:] Sorry sienna, not suitable for Fluther. Check the guidelines.

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@richardhenry: I read sienna’s response before it was deleted. I feel like I’ve said things worse than that (although more eloquently). What about it was inappropriate?

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I just looked over the guidelines and saw “Egocentric attention-grabbing”! I’m surprised my question, “Do I have a superpower?” did not fall under that category. haha.

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[mod says:] In particular, “u wouldnt imagine the amount of guys who go under my skirt and grab my ass or touch my pussy” was unnecessary and not suitable for Fluther. Put more eloquently, it might be. In it’s current form, it comes under “porn” and “egocentric attention-grabbing”. Hope this clears things up.

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Way to say it again and put it back up Richard.

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Heh. It’s a toss up between keeping Fluther clean and not looking like we have a secret agenda or something. It can be hard sometimes.

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