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Why do ice cubes look yellow when you put them in milk?

Asked by arnbev959 (10893points) November 15th, 2008

It’s weird. You’d expect them to look white, but they don’t. They’re yellow.

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ive never heard of iced milk…normally your supposed to just chill the whole container i think

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I think you have something in your ice cubes, cause mine don’t do that.

Are you drinking a low fat milk? The higher the fat in milk the more ‘white’ it is. If you’re drinking soy or skim, it might affect the color superficially.

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Why ice cubes in milk? That’s just weird.

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@skabeep and astro: Some people don’t like to put ice in their milk. I do. But even if you’re personally against putting ice in milk, the question of why it looks yellow still remains.

@asmonet: No, I’m drinking regular milk. Whole milk. Cow’s milk.

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@astro/skabeep: I used to know a girl who did the same thing, at first I thought it was weird. But apparently to her mind it changed the viscosity at least it seemed to and she liked it better that way. It’s uncommon but not unheard of. (I really like the word ‘viscosity’.)

Yeah, I think it’s your ice cubes.

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I once knew someone who loved to eat his Cherrios in a bowl with just cold tap water. So I guess it you like ice in your milk then more power to you.
I drink nonfat milk and I just dropped an ice cube in the glass. I do see what you mean. Very strange.
(almost as strange as drinking milk on the rocks)

Asmonet, I mean pete.

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@astro: Ok, well…that’s gross. Almost as bad as people who eat cereal with orange juice…wtf.

Ha! My thoughts were pure conjecture. Thank you for experimenting. Or did you mean Pete?

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@AC: Thanks for experimenting.

@asmonet: Ha. I don’t have freak ice cubes.

But why?

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I’m not in bed yet, hush.

I bet you do and they’re just afraid of how you might judge them.

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Hooray!! Someone else who puts ice in his milk! I have to have ice in my milk in order to enjoy it. I have no idea why it’s yellow, but indeed it is, and the milk tastes so much better!

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Hey. Hey now. Don’t judge cereal with juice. Muesli is awesome with juice, and a little bit of yoghurt on top. Try it, I dare you.

* rushes off to put ice cubes in her milk, will be back in a second *

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@pete I tried it with two different types of ice cubes—very clear store-bought ice cubes, and the whitish colored ice that comes out of our icemaker. I used organic 2% milk. The yellow was more pronounced with the clear ice, than with the translucent ice, which leads me to think that coloration is in the milk, and the ice acts as a magnifying glass to enhance its visibility.

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I think the milk is slightly yellow, and that the ice cubes somehow makes that yellow stronger.

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Pfft, I win.

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Interesting – I’ve never put ice cubes in milk before. I’ll give it a shot today.

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Hmm.. even though I never put ice cubes in my milk, I tried it with my 2% today. I notice it a bit. Interesting. Maybe it’s something with the lighting. Some light bulbs give off a yellow light instead of a white light. Maybe this is reflecting off the glass/milk/ice in a weird way.

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Ice cubes look yellow because they are collecting the fat from the milk.

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@Science Is this a guess or the actual answer? Super cool if it is!

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