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What is the easiest way to set up a wedding website with a Mac?

Asked by TheGreenBrideGuide (178points) November 15th, 2006
I have very little internet savvy - is there a good program to use to create a simple - but nice - interactive website?
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The absolute easiest way would be to use a service like:
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With your mac, you could also do something very quickly using iWeb, which is easy and well designed, though I think you have to purchase something to get the site hosted.
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If you have a .mac account, you can host your website there.
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iWed is very easy to use, and ben is right, you have to purchase the site name ($30/year or so i think) But the up side is that you can choose whatever website you want that, if its available. You can check out, that's what we did.
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If you use iWeb, which is really easy you have to not only buy a domain like but you also have to pay for hosting. All in all it is not much money. The other thing that you have to watch out in iWeb is to publish the site to a directory and then use an FTP program like Fetch to transfer it to your webhost.
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if you have a .mac account I assume that is is even easier and all automagiclly works just like all mac products. But then you can't pick the doman name
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Hi there,
I used the .mac and iweb to create a website and it was done in 10 minutes. Believe me I know nothing about website creation and it was fast and clean. I could even change the fonts, the boxes positions, load up video. Their templates are pretty cool and if you get fed up you can change it no time. So once it's published you can alter it over and over. It's aboslutely wonderful for personal usages, for a family site for example, however if you want to use it for profesisonal purposes, then the domain link is a bummer. It looks like http://mac/yourname/nameofthefile. And that doesn't look cool if you want you want a profesional look.
Good luck,

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