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Has anyone heard or ever experienced thundersnow?

Asked by IBERnineD (7309points) November 17th, 2008

It is snowing like crazy here and I heard two VERY large rumblings of thunder and I told my room mate and she doesn’t believe me.

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I lived through this one Buffalo October Surprise Storm

Thursday morning we were on the water practicing (rowing team). It was 60 degrees out. We turned around to head back to the dock and the temperature dropped 20 degrees and the wind picked up. We raced back to the docks. Half of the sky was blue, Half was a greenish purple, with a distinct white line inbetween. By noon the snow had started to fall, thunder included. By 5am the next morning, there was a foot and a half on the ground and on all the leaves of the trees.

There were driving bans for four days, no power… the trees were devastated. It’s still strange to go back and visit.

Of course this is an extreme example, but it’s real. Thundersnows exist! :-)

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It’s so odd.. I saw this question, went on Facebook, and my friend living in this area just commented about hearing thundersnow. I also heard something sounding like thunder, but I just figured I was imagining it or hearing something else that sounded like it. So, yeah, I just did!

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We have it on rare occasions. And when it thundersnows it snows a ton.

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Yes, I have, I live in Alaska, and we get it once in a great while, quite the experience it is, and terrifying if you are afraid of thunder and lightning. Hope this helps.

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Absolutely! There was Thundersnow in a storm when I was living in Buffalo. It was super cool to watch the lightning and the snow falling!

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yes ive had thunderstorms up in boston…
sorry this might be off topic but i have some stories to tell about regular thunderstroms.

i go to this beach thats about 40 min away from boston and it has terrible storms… I was about six. one time, i was out on my balcony watching a storm, and i saw a lightning bolt strike a watertower….the lightning bolt was a different kind of bolt….it was yellow and green with purple. I got scared while i watched the tower go on an angle like the leaning tower of piza.

I told my aunt and then we watched the rest of the storm together.

Another time, there was a seafood festival at the beach and i was 10. And this festival was famous because the beach was over a mile long. That night, the sky was dark. And i saw yellow lightning bolts in the ugly gray-looking sea. That night we had dinner in a nearby restaurant just after the festival. All of a sudden, I heard a BIG RUMBLE!!!! The lights went out in the old ugly 1920’s looking restaurant. Everyone screamed while the generators turned on eventually. I then looked out the window. When I did, I saw the most horrific thing ever. A cloud. But not an ordinary cloud, haha. It was black. Black as ink. Darkest color I have ever seen-heading strait toward us. We wrapped up the rest of dinner and trotted home because it was raining. Next thing, I was at the hotel that my grandparents and aunt owned at the beach.
Me and my brother David were sitting inthe office. Now the office was very tropical because It was near a beach. There were doors open on two sides incase anyone needed a room and because it was toasty in there. Then, CRACKLACALALABOOOMCRAAAAAAAAAAA SCREECH BOOM!
That was my best way of descriding the lightning bolt I heard. Car alarms went offff-especially the ones that made various noises. People screamed and little kids were crying loudly. I even heard one mom saying “eleana where are you? elena???” Terrible scene. Turns out somewhere (not at the festival-in the water a ways) a big lightning bolt was bolted. I figured out that it was the pitch-black cloud i saw at the 1920’s style restaurant. My brother was crying (and he is fouryears older then me——at the time 14) and i just sat there with a blank face, not saying or doing anything. What was I doing? praying.

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