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How can I make myself throw up?

Asked by wookielove (176points) November 17th, 2008

Okay, so I realize that it sounds like I’m trying to learn how to be bulimic, but I’m seriously not. I just have the problem of feeling rather nauseus at the moment and have tried to make myself throw up so that the feeling goes away yet can’t. I know the whole stick your finger in the back of your throat deal, but it’s never worked or me. I’ve been feeling sick for the past 4 hours, bordering on vomiting, although never actually getting there. Help!!! Is there any other way apart from the finger method that I can try?

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glass of lukewarm water, plenty of salt, I mean PLENTY, works wonders

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Put a raw egg in a warm glass of milk. THAT should do it! :-(

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Oh god, neither of those sound very appealing, but if it helps take this feeling away then I’m totally up for anything. Wish me luck!
And thanks so much! I hope this works :(

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there’s a non-physical way btw, that a doctor told me about (as in not poisoning yourself or hurting your throat). You just need graphic imagination. Take about a minute for every image, one written line being one image in your head:

For a minute, think about the spit in your mouth. It’s a body-temperature fluid, you hardly notice, right?

Take a minute

Now picture yourself with an empty coffee mug, and every so often, as soon as you have enough spit in your mouth, you spit into that mug

Take a minute, let the image work

Now, after an hour or so, your mug is full with somewhat white, foamy, viscid spit. Of course it is not body temperature anymore either it’s a little cooler, and now it also has this weird metallic smell to it

Let this image work

And now picture yourself gulping down that mug of your own cold spit. Not hasty, but in a way that it fills your entire mouth, sip by sip

Good barfing blarch…..

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You could just look at a picture of this guy!

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how about trying not to throw up. i can help you there. grab a handful saltine crackers and eat them. and if you have gaterade that that works good too.or you can eat some dry toast.and some weak tea. hope this help you.

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@shockvalue: I tried that already when I was on facebook. ALAS!

I also just tried the cup of salt and lukewarm water and to no effect. :(
I just feel filled with salt now :’(

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@rossi bear: thanks! I have been eating saltines and black tea for the past hour or so, and although it helped calm down the feeling it hasn’t fully helped :(
we’ll see though, maybe i’m just being impatient. Lord knows I hate feeling this way

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i know what you mean. i have a bad stomache too. and often feel like that so i know what you mean. sorry you not feeling well. hope it passes soon.

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Why don’t you take some Dimenhydrinate (Gravol) to alleviate the nausea?

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Why are you so convinced that vomiting is the cure? Why not take something to make you not feel nauseated?

what am I missing here?

Um, yeah. Like artificial said ^^^.

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OMG! Shock, that’s hideous! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I jest

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@Eambos: haha, at least it worked for someone

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What about Ipecac, Pharmacies stock it, you take it if you’ve ingested poisons and it makes you throw them up.

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drink soda water, gingerale or any other carbonated drink. it will make you burp out the bad gas that makes you want to barf, and then you wont feel bad, and as a bonus, you wont barf.

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@snoopy: I figure that if my body is making me naseus then it’s probably for a reason (that being that it doesn’t like whatever’s in my stomach) Plus, I’m not a huge fan of medication, so if I have the chance to make myself feel better the old fashioned way, then I’ll take it. P
I also don’t really feel well enough to go out and purchase said medication, and the closest place that I could get it from is about a 20 minute bike ride from my house. . . .which I’m definitely not up for at the moment

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@joey FYI That is no longer correct. If you read the link you posted it is not recommended for use after ingesting poisons.

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Well you learn something new everyday, I’ve never used it, just heard of people using it

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or you can tickle your uvula

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by the way, nausea doesn’t always originate in your stomach.

Ears and eyes are good sources too.

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@wookielove If you’re trying to be natural and follow your body’s cues than you should entirely do that – your body will vomit if it needs to and you’ll just have to try to ride it out by then.

Forcing your body to vomit if not necessarily more natural or old-fashioned than taking medication… I’m not advocating meds but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to force vomiting.

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Maybe not, but it has always helped me feel better in the past when I’ve tried, and have managed to somewhat get the process of throwing up started. But I do see your point. I just really want to be able to move and not feel awful.

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@wookie If you are all into the natural side of things, then leave your nauseous stomach alone. Inducing yourself to vomit isn’t natural.

I would also suggest that you consider that you may not feel any better if you succeed in making yourself vomit.

Additionally, I have every confidence that there are plenty of “pro bulimia” sites available via google that can give you far more reliable techniques than you will find here.

Barring the most logical solution (pharmaceuticals) and the least damaging to your gut and teeth (it isn’t natural to have stomach acid in areas it doesn’t belong….)....I would try 7-Up and saltines.

I hope you feel better.

dammit. artificial beat me to the punch again ^^^^ :(

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@snoopy: Thanks! maybe I’ll just ask my roommate to pick up some medication on her way home and hope that she comes back soon

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@wookie you won’t be sorry. I promise.

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paging Dr. Daniels, Dr. Daniels to the wet bar please.

sorry, probably not the answer you were looking for.

Apple Juice has always settled my stomach when I’ve had that nauseated feeling. I agree with the others to try to settle your stomach instead of to force vomiting.

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take an ICE COLD wet washcloth and apply it to your forehead. Instant soothing of the nausea.

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Think about Michael Jackson working his man.

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@chuck: Unfortunately, I think that’s now part of his nose.

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You just made me throw a little in my mouth.

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It works!!!!

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Try the Lindsay Lohan technique
Use your toothbrush

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you could try drinking a lot of water right befor but don’t burp, then put two fingers or a tootbrush down your throat and keep them there, then at the same time push in your stomach with your hands. It worked for me

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yeaa… the water thing works GREAT if you ONLY want to throw the water back up… because nothing else will come with it…

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Hey I know how. Ok so if you get something to stick down ur throat, You stick it in and out of the back. Everytime you feel like you going to throw up do it again and again. Than you will Really throw up. My best friend showd me how..

Good Luck[:

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go smell toilet water… lol it always makes me throw up when i feel nauscious. or just think about nasty things.

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I Heard It Helps To Think About Plastic.

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well to make yourself throw up is pretty simple just put 2 or 3 things you dont like example-(garlic,and salt) in a glass and pore water or milk and im sure you will throw up:)

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@TaoSan EEEEWWWW!!! You’ve got me wanting to throw up and i was just sitting here innocently reading, eating my banana bread….!!! :S

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Four words:

Two Girls, One Cup.

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by the way I make myself throw up all the time in fact after every meal warm water OUT OF THE TAP! and loads of salt THEN stick your fingers down your throat neither will work for me separately BUT together they work magic :) hope you feel better soon good luck :)

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two bannas and a bottle of sprite

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has to be like a liter though trust me

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K well nothing helped for me NOTHING I tried everything and I really need help :(

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A tbsp of mustard in a glass of warm water always does it for me when I feel sick. But then again I’m not a huge fan of mustard! Lol worth a shot tho

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