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Has anyone been to a protest in Washington DC?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9296points) August 24th, 2007

I am pretty young and the only thing I remember happening was the Million Man March. What was it like? Where the police peaceful? What was going on that sparked it? Did anything change after?

What do you think would happen if there were protests now? Do you think in these times, the police would be peaceful? Do you think if there was a terror attack or if something bad happened during a protest now, they would arrest all protesters as “enemy combatants,” using the Military Commissions Act?

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I haven’t personally been in awhile, but I know there are protests all the time. I know there was a school of the america’s protest there, and it went very well. I wish I could offer more .

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I went to the million man march was started by the honorable luis farakan in an attempt to moblize the black men in America to take care of each other and the responsibilities we had forsaken over the was also a way for us to show America and even ourselves that we all aren’t pushers,uneducated and that we do fight for a better place in the world . there was a movie about it by spike lee I believe it was called get on the bus. check it out of your interested in the mindsets and reasons why black men took the journey

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I attended a Pro-Choice march in the 90’s with two friends of mine. We were very active in women’s politics while were were in college. The march itself was electric-thousands in support of a crucial issue iwhere it’s the woman’s right to choose. No trouble occurred, there was a small Pro-Life group that showed up but no violence that I could recall.

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I was at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963 and heard Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech. I was 19 at the time and took a bus down from NY with my fellow travelers. What impressed me most was getting off the bus and walking to the mall surrounded by people of all colors living the future we wished for: integrated and in peace.

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I just spent the summer living in DC, and i’m moving back there in a couple weeks.. there is usually some kind of protest going on on the mall at least every weekend.. but they’re not always all that big..

the big ones happen around once a month i’d say.. sometimes once every few months, depending, but that’s only really during the warmer months, as people don’t really like to be patriotic in the cold, apparently. ;-)

i went to one that about Palestinian rights.. my impression was that it was SUPER well organized; the cops were fully involved in managing everything, and in many ways dictated the path of the march (the plan i guess had been to go all the way to the white house, but they stopped us at the wash. monument).

the saddest thing, however, about the entire event was the incredible animosity between the main group of “pro-palestine” folks, and the smaller group of “pro-Israel” people was just insane. it seemed like the group of “pro-collaboration-and-peace-and-working-it-out” people was depressingly small.

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