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How many DVD titles are in your personal collection?

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) November 17th, 2008

What is your criteria for buying a movie when it hits DVD?

I only have around 50, mostly TV shows and the classic movie collections like Star Wars, LoTR, Harry Potter, Godfather, etc.

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173 :D. Not counting television titles.

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DVD’s or any file i might just have on my computer? DVD’s is only around 55, total movie count? over 300

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Too poor to own movies. Netflix baby :D

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131. A large chunk of that is TV on DVD. My collection was seriously depleted when I moved across the country twice within a period of two months. It used to be over 200. I sold all the stuff that didn’t feel vital to me. Now I use Netflix and only buy a DVD if it’s something that I KNOW I’ll want to watch again or make other people watch. The stuff that I can watch over and over and over and over like a 4-year-old with their favorite Disney movie.

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Too many to count..I have them in different areas. Trying to find a way to organize them, so they are all together.

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Around 500, but I’m transitioning to a hard-drive based HD library. Enough with a new format every 10 years.

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@Babygalll, take them out the boxes and put them in DVD sleeves in big chests.

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Mine’s around 500 as well, running out of space. But it’s nothing compared to my CD collection.

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I have about 175 movies and another 50 that are documentary/special interest. Nowadays, I buy very few DVD’s because I watch so many things through Netflix. And now I’m undecided as to whether I should stay with regular DVD’s or go the Blu-Ray route.

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I have never loaded anything on to my puter,as far as movies go, but I have physical dvd’s and I have over 180 at last count because my 10 year old loves to know how many I have. I still have some old vhs tapes and a tape player, I know you probably think it is all ancient, but, really it isn’t as old as you think. The types of movies I have are usually scary ones, like stuff from S.K. like the Stand, Misery, The Mist, Dawn of the Dead, Silence of the Lambs, stuff like that, BUT, this is not anything I live for!!!!! I love my husband, and my children, and MY CATS.

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I have none.

I have only ever bought one (it was porn) when I bought a Playstation 2 a long time ago. I loaned the DVD to a friend and never saw it again.

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I have maybe 20. All I do is Netflix, tho. Smallville 1–6, LotR, Star Wars, the Matrices, Ocean’s, The Office, entourage; u get the idea

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We probably have 30 DVDs and 30 VHS tapes (and an old machine to play them). These days, we are all about Netflix. We very rarely buy any now.

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30 Physical DVDs, but around 300 movies on my HD.

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I have three, two of which were gifts. And I’ve never played any of them.

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we have about 300+ right now. and that is all movies not shows or season ones. if we was to count them then we would have over 400 at least. we have a room just for the dvds. our bookshelves are full and need another one soon. we get a dvd as soon as it comes out if it is a good one. :)

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Not that many actually. The only one that really matters is my almost complete Star Trek-collection, and my Bond-collection, and perhaps my Monty Python-collection. OK, so all of them are important but the amount is probably around 150–200.

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300 DVDs, 75 laser discs and 250 VHS, 10 films on Super 8mm, 1 on 16mm

0 Blu-Ray

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Wow, laser disks! Weren’t those around for like a year before they became obsolete?

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