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Has this (or something similar) been done before?

Asked by Nimis (13219points) November 17th, 2008

The this I am referring to is Pop Levi’s video for their song Semi Babe.
There is Semi Babe 1 and Semi Babe 2, meant to be played side by side.

It’s a simple and clever concept.
I feel like it’s been done before, though I can’t remember any examples.
Everything’s already been done, right?

It’s particularly interesting because they also have separate audio tracks.

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I dont recall that being done before, but thats really cool. Thanks for sharing.

here they are together

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Never seen anything like that. Very cool!

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Hmmm…really? No vague brain itch for either of you?
Makes you think there’s much to be explored with new media
if such elementary (but cool) concepts are only now being done. Hmmm…

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It reminds me of something, yes… I can’t remember what. I saw it on Youtube, though, and it was a featured video.

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Agh! You’re only making my brain itch even itchier!

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I must be pretty unco cause I really can’t get it in time :P

maybe that’s why nobody’s tried it before, cause they know that there’ll be retarded people like me who just can’t get it right :P

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It reminds me of that movie The Prestige, and the trick (the transported man) that Angier (Hugh Jackman) does with the top hat and the doors. Have you seen that?

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I’ve seen commercials on TV where action proceeds through multiple ‘screens’, but never a music video (and with the audio split, too!). Very cool.

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Shrub: Haha…yes, but that’s part of the fun of it!

Lyn: Nope. Haven’t seen that movie.
How do the two relate?
Or do I need to see it to get the connection?

Aug: Multiple screens?

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Yeah…some with ‘split screen’ and some with multiple TVs or monitors in the actual commercial, where the action continues from one screen to the next.

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Oh! Like some dude reaching into another TV to steal some delicious product?!
This is starting to sound vaguely familiar…

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That’s the ticket!

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The 1997 album “Zaireeka” by the Flaming Lips comes with four discs, meant to be played simultaneously on four different sound systems, creating harmonies and counterpoints, etc. As far as I know they never did the video version of this, but I’d say it’s a relevant precedent.

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what if there is a mistery youtube video that you need to add to complete the song? it could be like a bonus melody.

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Kfin: Excellent example! And it sounds pretty awesome to boot.
Don’t know why I hadn’t heard of that album before.
Will definitely have to remedy that.

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Never seen anything like that before, but it’s awesome.

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that was pretty sweet. never seen something like that before. nice


link for both of them together.. link

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@scubydoo check out the link on the first response ;)

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I so missed that link.. i definitely need to get some sleep now.. Great Answer :-)

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That is pretty awesome, and the song is lovely to, thank you!

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