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Any tips for cutting my own hair or for a girlfriend cutting a guys hair who has no real hair-cutting experience?

Asked by arcoarena (692points) November 17th, 2008

Being the kind of guy i am (on a budget) I want a hair trim but I don’t feel like spending 15 bucks to get my hair just trimmed up on the sides which would take about 5 minutes if that. My hair is a medium length style right now i usually wear it down with my bangs coming about to my eyebrows but it is slightly curly and on the sides it is winging out a little bit. I just want the sides trimmed and leave the top pretty much the same.

my girlfriend said she’d trim it for me but i don’t want to look like a fool for the next month just to save 15 bucks. She has no experience in hair-cutting but claims it is a simple task.

Should I take the risk and does anyone have any other advice?

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With no training whatsoever, I cut all 3 of my children’s hair for 10 years, but they’re all girls. I started cutting my husband’s hair about a year ago, with clippers and scissors. Tell her to go slow, and cut off way less than you think should be cut off. You can always cut off more, but if it’s too short, you can’t put it back! Keep a large mirror handy, so you can stop and look at it every few minutes. This helped my husband give me ‘directions’, and guided me to the haircut he wanted. Expect it to take far longer than a professional trim, and be patient about it. It helps to be very relaxed (both of you), and to remember it’s only hair…it grows back! Good luck : )

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Start slow, even take about 45 minutes or so for your first trim. I’ve been cutting my own hair for nearly 15 years now and it’s become fairly easy. I use a combination of clippers and straight razor. The razor is amazing because you can really go light on the chopping, just apply less pressure and alter the blade’s angle. You also have one free hand to hold a mirror. I always use a guard and attachments.

Who knows, there’re probably even instructional videos on You Tube.

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It depends on how old you are. If you are under 25 it should be a snap. The young guys I see are all wearing that Japanese anime cut that has long swatches if hair falling in their eyes. The other look is what I call the baby duck cut, the hair doesn’t have to be even-you just have to use a lot of product and make all the little odd bits stand up in a ridge on the top of the had.

If you are a less adventurous type there is always the adjustable clipper marine cut, 1/8” on the sides, 1/4” on top.

If all else fails, pull out the Flowbie.

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don’t do it.

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thanks for all the advice. i am 22 years old so hopefully it will not be a problem i think i’m gonna give it a shot just very slowly as recommended. lol

but yeah i don’t pull off the short hair too well. i can do it like a 4 blade on sides and kinda short of top but my girlfriend tells me i am too old to wear my hair short on top and up in the front. i still kinda like it.

oh and any recommendations on blades or can i just use normal scissors?

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Use the sharpest scissors you can find. I personally like the small ones meant for trimming a beard.

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great! i’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

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