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Does the new guitar from "Guitar Hero World Tour" (360) work with Rock Band 1 & 2 on the Xbox 360?

Asked by nikobe (67points) November 18th, 2008

I am getting Rock Band 2 for Xmas and currently have the first game and play it using the Guitar Hero 2 wired guitar (my fav) but I would like my wife to be able to join in so need a second guitar and don’t want the whol band in a box thing (can’t play the drums).

More likely someone from the states will know as both games have been out awhile there (RB2 is coming out next week here).

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While I don’t own GHWT, I do own Rock Band 1/2, and always follow the news posts on game sites about both games. I’m pretty confident that the recent iterations of both games are mostly compatible with each other’s equipment, one exception being the expensive ION drum set not working fully in GHWT.

Kotaku recently posted this compatibility list unfortunately it seems that list contains errors. I would keep an eye on that page for an update when the proper compatibility chart comes out.

On further research, here’s another list of compatibilities, which indicates that with the X360, almost all guitars work with all games except GH2 and 3.

Have fun rocking out with your wife! :)

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si. it does.

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Well the drums work both ways, but when your playing with rock band drums on GHWT, instead of 5 frets, theres 4

Kind of Obvious, but ya know

And i would get the new guitar just cause the touch panels are awesome!!

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Everything works on both games i believe.

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