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I need a recommendation for an easy to use and carry mace.

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) November 18th, 2008

“A string of armed robberies led to six women losing their bags this weekend”, in Minneapolis, near Univ. of Minnesota.
Where to buy?

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My dad got me The Jogger. I think he got it at some sporting goods store. I know he had to ask around a bit before he found it. It has a strap that you can velcro around your hand.

I haven’t had to use it, so I don’t know how easy it works. It’s still in the package, in my closet. You know, just in case :-p

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Mmm, mace is sort of mace, I think. You can pick it up at walgreens, or most drug store or even quicky marts.

Once you get it, make sure to practice. It can be a bit tedious.

I used to carry mace, but now I carry a small, about two inch blade knife. I know I would have horrible aim with mace, and am pretty confident I could stab some one in the neck or the eye if I really needed to.

Edit: I say it’s tedious because mace sprays in one very straight line, it’s not like a mist or spray. That’s why if you’re going to use it, you should practice a bit first.

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@monsoon Mace is better for a jittery person, less chance of perm. damage to someone that just sneaks up to you or scares you that’s not a threat, rather than gouging their eye out with a knife. No matter how big or small, a knife can do some major damage on some poor unsuspecting person.

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I suppose. Yes, I guess I can see your point. It’s just, there aren’t many people so jittery they’re going to have the knife open, concealed, in their hand at all times. I sure don’t. And I’ve never been attacked since I’ve been carrying it.

There’s not much chance I’d stab some one who startled me, but I guess some women might be more jumpy than me.

And any way, mace is cool. You don’t have to actually hit them in the eye. Even in the chest is going to cause considerable discomfort, I’d imagine.

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Another thing to do is take your ring of keys and put one key in between each finger. I do that whenever I have to walk alone.

With one swing, you could do enough damage to get a head start.

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@row4food – I have done that with my keys! I just ordered The Jogger!

@SoapChef – I ordered the key chain one, too, but in purple…

Thanks, All!

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Yeah, I definitely assumed you were looking for medieval weapons before I opened this question up.

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I suggest trying the mace on yourself, too. When you use a spray, there is residual in the air. There’s also a chance of the person wiping their face and then wiping it on you. You have to know how badly you will react to the chemical, too.

Also, mace doesn’t affect 100% of people. People that eat a lot of really spicy foods have a higher tolerance. Crazed or drugged-out people sometimes have no reaction whatsoever.

Been there, done that.

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Yeah, definitely just try it out when you get it. I sprayed a wall several feet away from myself and I had to squeeze my eyes shut in pain because it’s so strong (to me), so you need to be prepared to deal with that happening to you in a sticky situation if you’re going to use it.

No good if you spray him and he’s fine, but you’re blinded by the spray all ver his shirt, or wherever.

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@asmonet – you weren’t the only one. I thought maybe the asker was joining a traveling medieval re-enactment group or planning a short crusade just for the weekend.

@DandyDear711 – sorry for the response but that really was my first thought. My second was that you liked to add spices to your desserts when out at restaurants. It wasn’t until I read the details that I realized what kind of Mace you meant.

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I thought you were referring to this, which will do the job just as well as the spray, with the added benefit of toning your upper arms.

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Hah! Alfreda, that would do it alright, albeit a little clumsy clipped to your keychain.

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I’d sell you mine, but it was my grandpa’s. And it’s a bad ass. I think the difference is the spikage. I can’t imagine anyone trying to rape a woman holding that mofo.

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@asmonet, ain’t that the truth? I had visions of carrying one of these babies, and my upper arm tone instantly improved just at the thought. Maybe there’s a fortune to be made in work-out videos…

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Thanks for all the effective solutions, Folks! I wish I was just decorating my house or makin’ desserts!

The robberies are happening by my daughter’s university… When she says she wants something in that department, I act fast! If she asks for another pink, shiny purse, I will hold off! for awhile :-)

On second thought, she may want the other kind of mace… Someone stole her special new coat from the rec center when she was playing volleyball last week. If she sees a girl in that coat, she could get in back easily with the spiky one!

How do people live with themselves when they steal people’s coats, sweatshirts, ipods, etc? How does one then use the item(s) and not feel like an askhole? It’s beyond me… I digress

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Yeah, thieves are fuckers.

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