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Heard about the 17 yr.old kid who unlocked iPhone from AT& T?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) August 24th, 2007

Check out:
High bid on eBay Fri. was $12,600.

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Yep, I hear he is asking for $99,999,999 on ebay for it.

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i actually know this kid – we are part of Counter Strike Clan. One more thing – i bet he is either going to be like an einstein or kill himself . Yes he is kind of crazy and one of his best friends (who also happens to be a mutual friends) commited suicide last fall

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I’m green on what an unlocked phone is and what its end result is…?

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I think, being a technonerd myself, that a locked phone means that you can use only the carrier you contracted w. (ie. AT& T).

This kid spent 500 hours and used a soldering iron to defeat iPhone and AT & T.. Read article in New York Times today.

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He did a great job.

But these guys did it without having to solder.

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cool – can’t wait to get one.

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