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How can I help my dog?

Asked by Comedian (1123points) November 18th, 2008

So we have this gate to block the laundry room door so my dog can stay inside but not go into other rooms. Sometimes she breaks it down, so we have a back up one. My sister for got to put it up though and she got into the pantry and ate (and I’m not kidding) 3 loaves of bread. What can I do to help her feel better? I’m she is drinking water is it may get flushed out but anything else please?

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She’s probably just really bloated. Since it’s just bread, I wouldn’t be suprised if it gets digested, or at least passed. Dogs eat (and then proceed to crap out) many strange things. As long as she didn’t eat all the plastic from around the bread, shell probaby be fine.

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the thing is, is that she might have. I found bits of plastic in her food dish. Plus, she will eat anything

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When my dog gets an upset stomach I give her cola syrup, but I don’t think this will cure a “bloated from bread” tummy. I would just watch her and if she starts acting funny, as in choking, coughing etc. take her to the vet. She may start passing a lot of gas before the bread passes, no pun intended. If you are concerned about how much of the wrapper and bread ties she may have ingested, then probably go ahead and take her to the vet for xrays.

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Just keep an eye on her. She will eventually pass through her system anything that doesn’t digest.
My dogonce ate a bunch of chocolote candy that was wrapped and left under the christmas tree she ate the foil wrappings and everything. For the next couple days her poop was decorated with red and green foil wraps.

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I like that new Christmas decorating idea, poop tinsel.

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@basp I’m glad your dog was ok. chocolate is toxic for dogs, and can be very dangerous if they eat too much!

@Comedian Your dog will probably be ok, but very full for awhile. Over the years, my dogs have gotten into all kinds of things, and tho they regretted it, they were ok. If she doesn’t improve soon, call your vet for suggestions, or send syz a pm to see what to do.

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@scamp:yea she has ate a whole gingerbread piano (not like the actually piano size though) when she was younger.

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I think it’s odd that a dog ate bread. My dog only eats meat and cheese. If I buy him a hamburger he just picks the meat out.

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my dog eats anything. she’ll eat broccoli, pasta, spinage, lettuce, asparugus…anything

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I have heard that chocolate is toxic for dogs but over the years I have known many dogs who have consumed chocolate with no bad side affects. (other than owners that are mad at them for doing so)

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I think it’s ok for dogs to have small amounts of chocolate once in a while. But only on accident. I would NEVER feed my dog chocolate!

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I would never purposely feed a dog chocolate either.
(I don’t even share my chocolate with my human friends!!! LOL)

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Sadly, my dogs eat mostly anything also. and when I say anything i mean anything.. some examples are any food left laying around unguarded for less than 5 seconds (they are quick to steal food) and they love chewing on plastics for some reason. coat hangers i seem to go through alot of. And yes I do buy them bones but they still find anything else to get into. A friends dog like to chew on shaving razors and aluminum foil. :-/

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The greatest danger is bloat: Depending on your dog’s size or breed, the danger may be greater.

Another risk is that a length of plastic may twist around part of the intestine and cause problems. I had a dog get into a sample of mint-flavored dental floss, chew and swallow a long length. She had to have surgery to remove it. You’ve probably heard Christmas tinsel is a great risk to cats and dogs, and I don’t have icicle type tinsel on my trees because of the risk of intestinal damage if it’s swallowed, and the risk is similar. Big chunks of plastic bag may be less a problem than long strips of plastic. Here is an article with graphic photos of “linear foreign body” surgeries and a “description of the problem”:

Because of the volume, and depending on the kind of bread (balloon white bread would be worst, I’d think, but whole grain bread is likely to be less a problem) you should call the vet and learn the signs to watch for in case of obstruction, bloat or linear foreign body damage.

These are the worst case problems your dog may have. If it’s a large or giant breed dog, the risk of obstruction is probably less than in a dog 30 pounds or smaller. Your dog may have no problem or the bread may cause constipation and gas.

I hope your dog suffers nothing worse than a little tummyache!

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@scamp Most vets worry more the higher the cocoa content. A bag of store-bought chocolate chip cookies is not nearly as worrisome as, for instance, the time my dog ate a 12 oz bag of dark chocolate Guittard baking chips. :( That called for a trip to the vet and a night in the hospital and a charcoal swallow.

A bit of Hershey bar or a lick of your chocolate cone isn’t going to be a toxicity issue. It’s great that the info on chocolate hazard is getting out there, though, and people know to call their vets if their dog gets into the chocolate.

I recently learned about the dangers of grapes and raisins, too. I’d never have thought that raisins could be a problem. Here’s a whole list of common and potentially toxic things

This list should help to relieve the worry about some things, but learning about serious dangers from onions (hemolytic anemia, death) and raisins (organ damage) and anti-freeze (organ damage, death) and xylitol in toothpaste/sugarless candy (liver damage, death) can help keep dogs safer.

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I did some research on the toxicity of chocolate in dogs after my little terrier got into a box of chocolates. While a couple of bites will probably at most make the dog a little sick, too much can be quite dangerous for the dog, and expensive for the owner. Here is a little more information on the subject:

“What makes chocolate toxic, anyway?
Chocolate is made from the fruit (beans) of the cacao tree. Theobromine, a component of chocolate, is the toxic compound in chocolate. (Caffeine is also present in chocolate, but in much smaller amounts than Theobromine.)

Theobromine’s effect on the body:

Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant
Cardiovascular stimulant
Increase blood pressure (mild)
Nausea and vomiting”

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