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I want to thank the team for those wonderful self esteem notes we get under our you all love them?

Asked by nissa2008 (70points) November 18th, 2008

those wonderful comments from the team under my username make me feel great ! anyone else feel that way.

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Yes, I love them! In fact, they were the subject of my first question :)

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yes i do, it makes you feel great don’t it.? !! so kind of them.

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I think they’re terrific too. They make me feel all warm inside and out. No wait, the outside part is all my doing. :o)

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This one really warms my heart : )

You have something in your teeth…left side. Other left. Got it!

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I must be having a positive effect. My current self-esteem note says:

“You make us weak in the knees.” :o)

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Mine says, “We <3 you.”

I heart you, too, Fluther!

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You mean I’m not the only one who sees that?

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i love those little notes…. there seems to be a little bit of novelty attached to them for me, but they always brighten a gloomy day.

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They are awesome, and it certainly is better to be cuter than a chupacabra!!

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I love it when they tell me I am having a good hair day and my hair looks like a family of weasels has taken up residence in there.

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Yeah, I really love them!

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Damn! I hate to be a wet dishrag, but how do you people find preset messages that are randomly distributed over and over from a computer to be of any help to your self-esteem?

Or is this all a joke I didn’t pick up on?

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We love your style.

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Thanks for the links gailcalled; what a witty group you all are! I’m happy to be here.

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@fireside: I have this really eerie feeling of deja vu, like someone’s said that to me before! ;-)

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My personal favorite: Wow. You smell really good.

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They totally make me smile!


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They’re no more impersonal than a fortune cookie, and they’re much cuter. Yeah, I know they’re not really meant for me. But hey, when the VP walks into the meeting and asks 300 people “How you all doin’ today?” I don’t think that’s meant for me either.

I’m enjoying them.

Welcome, @nissa2008.

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I don’t take them personally, but I still like the fact that they’re there. It is indicative of the feeling of this site as a whole. Friendly, witty, and fun!

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I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one:(. Maybe I’m too new.

Maybe I’m missing them. Where are they?

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@cdwccrn: Look all the way up in the right hand corner, just under your user name.

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@ auguslan. I use the iphone. I don’t see my name in upper right hand corner. Is it something you only see on a PC?

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Hmm, I don’t know the answer to that (I’m on a PC). It’s sad if true! If you have access to a computer, you should really log in from it at least once just so you can see the whole site…it’s worth it!

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Yes, they are inspirational, and then I love the little jokes that are planted all over the place too.

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they are sweet!

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I think they are hysterical. I really love it when the hair one comes up!! (something about hair style). My hair is just starting to grow again, from chemo- so that one cracks me up! The first time I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing.

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I signed on the computer and am seeing them for the first time. they are cute! thanks, team, for making this site even more fun!
@cak: best of luck with your recovery from chemo and your fight against whatever you had. Blessings!

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@cdwccrn – thank you! :)

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Mine say’s ‘I’m glowing’, dear me… I hope I’m not pregnant…or radioactive!

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I hate to break this to you guys but I just got this, “Don’t tell anyone—you’re our favorite.”

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hey, I’ve been told to make myself more comfortable…“Take off your shoes and stay awhile.” Little do they know, I’m already comfortable!

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this group of answers makes my heart happy…thanks everyone !

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@soapchef, you’re such a bragger!

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I know, I felt bad, but I didn’t want y’all to walk around deluding yourselves.

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Thanks for being so gentle with our feelings.

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I got a lump of coal this instance : “You have something in your teeth…left side. Other left. Got it!”
But mostly I like ‘em.

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