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What is your favorite attraction at Disneyland/Disney World?

Asked by SoapChef (2978points) November 18th, 2008

I keep looking at that submarine full of jellies up there. It makes me remember the Submarine Ride, the Jungle Cruise, the Matterhorn. That was a seriously good time from a eight year olds perspective in 1966.

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I’ve never been to Disneyworld but at Disneyland, my all time favorite attraction has always been the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I was a little disappointed when they changed some of the animatronic characters to match several individuals who were stars in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. I think they should have left it intact.

Lesser favorites of mine at Disneyland have always been the haunted mansion, the Matterhorn, and Space Mountain.

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To Catch a Predator

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When I was a kid I liked Imagination!! and Spaceship Earth(Epcot) the best. I was always kind of a geeky little thing…

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The Exit.

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I prefer universal studios over Disney for the rides, but my favorite would have to be either the tower of terror or the Rock n Rollercoaster.

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It’s a small world…afterall. I am a full out Disney lover but that’s not really my favorite ride, I just wanted you to hum the song all day. :o

I still love Space Mountain after all these years and I also really dig the Carousel of Progress (which has an equally catchy tune to hum…There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…)

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Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

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I went w/ my kids for the first time last spring (FLA). Their first ride was on Dumbo. They loved it….

The only other time I have been….my favorite was Its Tough to be a Bug 3D show. Probably b/c it was hotter than hell the day we visited (the theater had AC-aaaaaaahhhhh). And it was neat too….

as a side note, I think Disney is obscenely expensive. I would never have gone except that we got tickets for free via an employee who is a relative..

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I used to love Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride because my kids loved it when they were young. I don’t think they even have it anymore,,,

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@shockvalue: HILARIOUS!

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Sueanne: What!? Mr. Toads Wild Ride is goneeee? :’-[

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Damn you bythbay! :0) Actually I loved that when I was eight!

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@Allie: Maybe not…let’s hope it’s not. I don’t know where I got the idea that it had been replaced. I always hoped that one day I wuld ride it with my kinds and my grand kids. I did love that ride.

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Magic Kingdom:
Tomorrowland- Space Mountain
Fantasyland—Peter Pan’s Flight
Liberty Square—The Haunted Mansion
Frontierland—Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Adventureland—Pirates of the Caribbean

Mission: Space
(then we do beers around the world)

Animal Kingdom:

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

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Walt Disney World: The Twighlight Zone Tower of Terror. The theme for this attraction starts as soon as you turn onto Sunset Blvd, and see an old dilapidated billboard advertising the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Then as you approach, there’s a creepy bellman, who shows you the way through an overgrown and misty garden on the way to your hotel. As you enter the lobby, you see cobwebs and dust all over – as well as things like suitcases and drinks and a mahjong game in progress. Clearly everyone left in quite a hurry. Then into the library, where you see and hear Rod Serling himself explaining to you that “In tonight’s episode, YOU are the star.” From there, the actual ride itself is great – you don’t just fall, it actually pulls you faster than the speed of gravity, and you suddenly become a human yo-yo.

In Disneyland, Space Mountain. I first rode it this past April, and was blown away by how much faster and darker it is than it’s Walt Disney World cousin. I sincerely hope the WDW version does get the long-rumored makeover to bring it up to par with the DL version.

If I had to pick one attraction from each of the six parks, it would be:
Magic Kingdom: Splash Mountain
Epcot: Soarin’
Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Tower of Terror
Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest
Disneyland: Space Mountain
California Adventure: ..... hrm. Tough call. The ToT there isn’t as good as WDW’s version…. and Soarin’ is exactly the same… I guess maybe California Screamin?

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Sueanne_Tremendous and Allie: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is indeed gone from Walt Disney World (it was replaced by The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh), but it is still alive and well at Disneyland.

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@figbash: haha, glad you caught that.

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MrItty: Oh, thank goodness.

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