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Advice on reducing face puffiness?

Asked by guitarhero1983 (135points) November 19th, 2008

My face feels puffy nearly every day, although I’m average weight for my height (male, 5’6, 138lbs), I exercise and eat low-sodium foods, avoid sugar and carbs, coffee, eat lots vegetables, and stay hydrated, but still feel like there is a layer of fat around my face. I say “nearly every day” because once in a while it goes away and my face feels “tight.” I’ve tried experimenting with food combinations, avoiding food groups etc. but wondering if I’m missing something. I’m in sales so it’s important to look my best, and I don’t feel like I’m reaching my full potential here. Maybe I just need to keep losing weight?

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try an ice pack on your face in the morning?

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@GH: First off, I feel for you. I doubt your puffiness is as bad as you think it is but keep working on a solution.

Secondly, as a seasoned, professional salesperson, let me give you a piece of advice: You don’t have to look your best, you have to feel your best to be successful. Some of the most successful salespeople I know are those who honestly feel good about what they are doing and who they are. And, frankly, most of those are not all that sharp at dressing or personal grooming. But they believe in themselves.

While you are figuring out your puffiness (how old are you, btw?) learn to like yourself in any form.

Good luck!

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@ST, I’m 23. Point taken, but I still think that this is impacting how I feel, how I am perceived. I’m just not as “on fire” when I look like this.

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I heard that models use preperation H to reduce under eye puffyness.

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It might be seasonal allergies or a reaction to soap/shampoo/moisturizer/etc. The link I provided lists a number of potential causes, but given the almost daily nature of your problem, I doubt it is most of them (which are acute in onset). You might want to a) see your doctor and b) try some oral antihistamines. For example, try taking a benadryl for a few nights and see if it reduces or eliminates the facial swelling in the morning. If it works, perhaps you have found your answer. During the day, you can try a non-sedating antihistamine, like claritin. These are just suggestions. Nothing can replace a formal evaluation by a doctor. Good luck.

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Here’s the Straight Dope’s take on Prep H for eye puffiness. He concludes that it’s a myth. Regardless you wouldn’t want to be slathering on a tube of Prep H on your face, even if it DID work. I imagine you’d be less effective of a salesman smelling like that cream.

For me, I often get puffy when I am not drinking enough water combined with eating salty foods. I’ve never had the puffiness not go away after rehydrating and a good night’s sleep. I would go see a doctor or dermatologist and see what their professional opinion is.

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I have been having a bad case of puffy face. Mine is due to terrible allergies and all the bawling I have been doing lately. When my eyes get really bad, I lay down with cold wet tea bags on them, turning them over when they warm up, for about ten minutes. It helps a lot. I find if I can reduce the puffiness on my eyes, the rest of my puffy face doesn’t look so hideous. Drink lots of water.

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alergic reaction to something? and ice 15min take off 10. repeat for an entire day if possible.

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I would guess allergies, stress, and/or lack of sleep.
That (as well as salt intake) is what affects me.

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