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How do you get around and why have you chosen it?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14733points) November 19th, 2008

How do you get around and why have you chosen that mode of transportation? Did environmental aspects come into your decision? Did you focus on health? Was your focus mostly cost? Have you ever had to justify your decision to someone else? If so, how did you do that?

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Most of the time, foot, bus, and subway. It winds up being cheaper and more convenient for me than getting around by car (although I have one of those, I only use it for going out of the city).

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I drive a car. I would walk/bike if the places i were going were close to me. My work is 30 minutes from my house and my girlfriends house is 45 minutes away. No i havent really had to justify myself but if i did i would just state what i did above :P.

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Usually by car. However, when the timing is right, and my destination is accessible, I take the MTA trains and/or the bus. I like public transport, but unfortunately, L.A. doesn’t have the greatest system.

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Car, why, please reffer to a previous question asked today, Did I justify my decision, yes, to my mom. How I did it, I used the excuse I always use for almost everything I have “My job, my money, I let me do whatever I want to do with it”
Enviromental Issues? Nope I’m not going green any time soon, actually I expect to drive an Aston Martin someday, why would I have to give up on my dreams if China is the one polluting the whole world???

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I drive a spaceship that runs on puppies. Some people say it’s excessive, but I have unusual circumstances. See I live in space, and I’m awesome. So there’s really no other form of transportation that would work for me.

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I despise commuting to work in a car. It’s a total waste of time. 30 minutes each way = 1 hour/day = 5 hours/week = 250 hours/year that I could be doing something altogether different/fun/productive/meaningful.

But I’m stuck with it, as there are other priorities in life. So, I drive a fossil-fuel burning vehicle as my personal conveyance. I live in a heavily populated area that is somewhat underserved by the available choices in public transportation.

My choice in vehicle is dictated in large part by budgetary necessity. That is, I only have one vehicle and I chose that in part to ensure it could meet with the majority of my transport needs. Those factors included, but were not limited to:
– High reliability at relatively low cost of ownership
– V6 engine compromise for power & efficiency
– Room for 3 or more adults
– Ability to transport my bicycles safely
– Reasonable insurance rates

That decision was made 9 years ago when I bought my Nissan Xterra. As a vehicle and a long-term choice, it has worked out beautifully.

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I ride a bike.

1-I live close to just about everywhere I need to go.
2-It’s cheaper to maintain/use than a car.
3-I get some exercise in the process of going from point A to point B.

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Previously my transportation method was the public bus system. However the service went downhill in quality, and up in price, and showed no signs of getting better. It was at this time that my mother made her final automobile purchase and gifted the old car to me. I debated for a month whether to continue to use the bus system primarily and supplement with my car, or to go 100% car. I decided to go with my car since I would be paying car insurance regardless and I did not want to continue supporting a broken bus system.

I use my car as efficiently as I can. I plan my shopping to minimize trips out. I telecommute so that takes a big chunk out of my car usage. I maintain my tire inflation levels and have the car maintained according to schedule. My partner uses his bus pass as often as he can, and we coordinate to make up for the awful bus service (they’‘ll bus most of the way, I go get them much closer to home). I am happy with my decision so far, I plan on purchasing a bike soon but that’s more for health and fun than transportation.

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My husband traded in his sports car for a demonstration-model Prius in 2004 and that’s what I drive. Yes, I care about environmental stuff. I live 25 minutes away from town
and there’s no public transportation. Town is small so once I get there I do most of the errands on foot.
We lived in town last winter. Rick found a funky motor-assisted bike and fixed it up. Although we could go downtown on foot, his breathing & his gimpy leg made the uphill return too tough. But we never used the thing once, because I like walking and he always drove his GREASECAR, which I would still be willing to sell to anyone interested. It’s a 1985 Mercedes diesel converted to run on diesel, biodiesel or fryer oil.
It’s very pretty and leaves behind it a sensation of having just walked past a KFC.

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lurve for the greasecar, @susanc… just b/c it got me to daydreaming of driving it from state fair to state fair, trailing the sweet, sweet smell of deep-fried oreos, snickers bars, ice cream, and coca-cola across the countryside.

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I have a truck that was left to me when my grandfather died. It is a beater but it was free and I live too far away from everything to bike or ride a bus. When I lived in the city I rode my bike.

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I walk because I live on a teeny college campus, and can get everywhere on foot. In the future, depending on where I end up living, I would like to try and substitute biking and/or public transportation for driving as much as possible, for environmental reasons.

The walking around campus is also the only exercise I usually get…

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car because it get u were u need 2 go faster

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I drive a Honda Civic with a stick shift ‘cause it gets 38–40 mpg and my last one lasted 14 years with no significant repairs.

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for most occasions I ride a Kawasaki ninja and when it’s too cold or I have a passenger I drive a chevy silverado. I got the bike this summer to save on gas but if all possible, I walk

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I mostly get around by foot or bus. I choose these cause i don’t have a car so it’s just easy to run down the hill jump on a bus and go where i need to go.

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I ride a bike when I can, and use a car the rest of the time. I ride the bike because I like to, and if I don’t my legs hurt. I drive the car only when necessary. Environmental concerns came into our decision-making process on what to buy. Mistakenly thinking that we could believe the EPA mileage ratings, we got a Hybrid Hilander. That thirty-something mpg in the city is a joke. We get 24 in the summer and 19 in the winter. Still, both are better than our previous car, which got 18 in the city.

Unfortunately, we get killed on highway mileage which runs from 28 to 30 mpg. The old car got 33 to 36 mpg. Even though we spend much much more time in the car in the city, we drive a lot more miles on the highway.

On the other hand, this car is a lot bigger and can carry seven people, which is sometimes necessary, since are kids are at that age. So, if we calculated miles per gallon per person, we might be better off with this car. Hard to say, as we don’t track how many people are in the car at all times (or any time).

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