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Is it safe to leave a portable heater on overnight?

Asked by johnny0313x (1840points) November 19th, 2008

My friend bought a small portable heater (it was like $10.00) and it uses a fan to circulate the heat into the room. I was thinking about getting one as well since for some reason my room is always the coldest in the house. Is it safe to leave them running over night while sleeping? I know some have features to turn off at a certain temperature. Any advice on this? Are they bad for the electric bill?

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we have one and leave it on and haven’t had any problems

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I’d imagine its okay, do you think they use alot of electric? I cant imagine a small one using to much

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I have no clue, but I can’t imagine they use much…ours only runs intermittently because of the temp control.

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as long as it is eletric it is good to use but bad on eletricity. but if it is a gas one then you have to have ventalation.

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Be very careful using electric heaters. They can short out very easily. My husband is a firefighter. He says you should only trust them while you are awake. Never go to sleep with one on. They are notorious for house fires. When I was in college , I had one on in my bedroom. It sent a spark across my blanket. Thankfully, I was awake.

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I would imagine that these work really well but as an insurance agent selling homeowners coverage I really wouldn’t advise it. If it were to malfunction while your asleep you could have major problems.

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Here’s a great article about the safety issues and cost issues related to space heaters.

It gives a list of tips for safety, and that list doesn’t include using it while sleeping, but it does say to keep it at least 3 feet from any kind of fabric.

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You could get a surge protector powerboard with a timer on it… Though I’m not sure how much they cost, could be a lot so might not be worth it if the heater is only ten dollars.

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I use small portable electric heaters at night all the time. The ones I buy all have automatic shut off if they over-heat or get knocked over, and also have a sort of thermostat that causes them to cycle on and off to maintain the temp. Make sure you place it on a hard surface, well away from any soft/fabric things.

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I really want one just for the morning, like if I could have it turn on at 7 AM so my room is nice and toasty by 9 when I wake up, that would be perfect. As it gets colder, the harder time i have getting up in the morning cause I dont want to get outta my warm bed. I’m terrible I will hit snooze forever and not even no what I am doing cause I dont want to face the cold haha

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johnny, i am the exact same way!!

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Yes it is, mine hasn’t blown up yet. lol. So I think you safe.

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You can purchase a timer from a home improvement store, and set it to go on and off at whatever times you prefer.

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be very careful with heaters. I would not let it run all night. Use a timer.

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i think a timer is a great idea! I always for get about them, how much do you think they are liike $8 ? if they are more ill take my chances burning…JK :)

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What about oil fillled heaters?

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I don’t think it’s good idea to leave turn on heater on overnight. It may create electric shock.

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