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What's with the ties between bike shop people and booze?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3079points) November 19th, 2008

Every local bike shop I’ve been to has had some form of alcohol whether it be beer or vodka laying around near the repair shop area.

I’ve also noticed that many bike multi-tools have beer bottle openers on them.

So what’s with the relationship between bike people and booze? Have you noticed this also?

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I know all my cyclist friends like to drink and most of our rides end at some sort of drinking establishment. When I think of bike messengers the same image comes to mind.

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I actually had noticed something similar just today… strange…

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Someone once said that in the past, at the end of the Tour de France, it was customary to drink wine in celebration.

Alcohol is obviously common as a celebratory drink, and many cyclists including myself, celebrate the end of a long recreational ride by going out to the pub or enjoying a cold refreshing beer. That’s the connection I’ve always made.

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That’s what the “water” bottle is for. ;^)

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Off topic or maybe not :
Why do barbers always have brandy or whatever it is in their shops, especially around Christmastime? It’s usually Italian owned places, but I’ve also seen it in other barber shops.

edit: and I mean the stuff is on a table, for the customers to drink.

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I like to drink while riding, and so do my friends. For people who enjoy the adult beverages, it’s much safer (although obviously still risky- you can still kill/hurt yourself or get a bike-version of a DUI) than driving. And there’s just something awesome about riding while buzzed.
Perhaps the bike people you run encounter feel the same.

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