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Kiwi fruit skin: do you like to eat it or peel it?

Asked by simpleD (3644points) November 19th, 2008

I like to eat it skin and all. More vitamins, not as messy. But I think I might be the only one.

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well, never heard of eating the skin. i always peel it. but it can’t hurt to try it. :)

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The furry texture of it makes me gag. I usually leave it on, but eat the flesh around it.

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yeah…that just sounds furry and gross

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Peel it! I always peel it.

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Peel! I couldn’t stomach the fuzziness. But I’ll give it a try on, cause they take so long to peel perfectly.

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I usually cut mine in half, and dig the fruit out with a spoon. I think of the skin as a convenient furry little bowl.

I’m with eambos and others – the times I have gotten a piece of skin in my mouth, I couldn’t imagine swallowing it—so furry!!!

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cut it in half and scoop it out like a mellon!

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Hey la chica, we were racing to answer!

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I eat the peels. To be real specific, I bite off the top, suck out some of the fruit, then eat the rest. I don’t consider the kiwi tasty enough to bother with preparation.

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Judi – great minds think alike!

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i don’t like them at all so peel them

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To the folks who dislike the feel of the furry skin:

Do you eat peaches?

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Yes, I eat peaches, but on a scale of 1 to furriness, kiwis are a lot more furry than peaches.

Plus, I can get almost all the fuzz off of the peach just by washing it. Not so with kiwis, nuh uh.

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Yes I eat peaches with the skin on. I find kiwi skin fuzz is substantially coarser and more thick than peach fuzz.

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I peel both peaches and kiwis. I could never eat a kiwi with the hair on – they look too much like testicles that way.

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Sometimes I’ll cut the kiwi in half and eat with a spoon, sometimes I’ll eat the whole thing (if I’m near a sink and can wash it). I don’t mind the texture of the skin, and I do like the tartness of it.

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The furriness of a peach is much finer and softer, whereas the kiwi is corse, thick and long.

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I’ve eaten kiwi skin. It burns my mouth and throat.

and I can’t imagine peeling a peach.

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@Laureth, the difference between a Peach and a kiwi is like a 5 o’clock shadow versus Abe Lincoln’s beard.

I eat the skin. Makes sure you get all of the flavor…

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When I eat kiwi, I often eat the skin. Mostly, this is because I am too lazy to try to get rid of it first.

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yepp, gives rug-munching a whole new meaning :)

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Peel it, usually by hand if it’s not too ripe, otherwise a vegetable peeler works great.

hmmm, I’ve never eaten kiwi with a spoon. I’ll have to try that!
Usually I just peel and slice. I heart kiwi over my oatmeal, or layered in a raw fruit pie.

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