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What's the best uninstaller for Windows XP?

Asked by shared3 (921points) August 25th, 2007

What would you guys recommend as the best uninstaller program? (WinXP)

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I like ccleaner to do all my cleanup stuff

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For Apple I’d say Hazel.

Please specify your OS in the title. Like this people will get confused…

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Start, [Settings], Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs. Anything else (like CCleaner) risks messing up your system royally. If you have something you can’t uninstall cleanly, it’s best to learn something about Windows administration and take out the garbage piecemeal. One place to start is the registry. Look under the branch


Step through that gaggle of hex strings one by one in search of your offending application, and remove any entries named NoModify or NoRepair. That should make the program show up in the list of things you can uninstall through Add/Remove programs. If all else fails, delete the entire key before proceeding with a manual unistall. That involves manually removing any folders and shortcuts created for the application, as well as any stuff in the user data folders.

Um, @simonmenke , I think the OP was pretty explicit about the OS in question. As always, if Mac is the answer, you don’t know what the question was.

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