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Does decaf contain much caffeine?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) November 19th, 2008

cause it’s got me wired tonight! For a long time I thought it was the O’Douls of beers…!?

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They can’t remove all the caffeine from coffe, so people that aren’t use to getting it, will get small ‘buzzes’ from it until they are use to it.

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Decaf coffee has more caffeine in it than people might think, according to research (and what I heard on ‘Regis and Kelly’ yesterday). So, if you are trying to avoid caffeine and want to sleep, try something else.

Here’s a very scarily interesting list of caffeine in drinks:

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Try herbal teas. There are lots of interesting flavours now. And imagine what is done to that poor little bean in order to remove the caffeine.

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ok, well many teas have more caffine content than coffee, so be careful with that (found that out the hard way).

Also, according to the report referenced earlier that just came out a day or 2 ago, decaf coffee has as much as 20% of the caffine as a regular cup. Not very “de-caffinated” in my opinion.

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Herbal teas have no real tea so no caffeine. (You can dry mint leaves or lemon balm, crush and brew them, for example.)

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ok, cool. I was thinking mostly about green teas, which sent me for a bit of a loop at one time. Better safe than sorry. :)

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