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Do you guys still play diablo2?

Asked by wenbert (316points) November 20th, 2008

i got excited when blizzard announced Diablo3 that i started playing diablo2 again :P

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I re-installed D2 once I saw the trailer for D3. I played for a few days but got tired of it again. I loved diablo 2 and it was still fun to play, but i just missed the fact that had lost my characters and all the items I had accumulated while playing. I hate that your account gets deleted after not playing it for a while. I guess I was so used to playing WOW. I will however purchase D3 when it comes out.

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I got back into it after hearing about d3. But the fact that you have to play or loose your account is just ridiculous.

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i have tried playing it on—i don’t have the original CDs – can’t find any at our stores here—yikes!

i play by TCP-IP and it’s more like of a social thing. gf, brothers, cousins and friends play it.

can’t wait for diablo3 though. any rumored released date?

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I played the hell (pun pun!) out of Diablo 1. I never got as into 2. I wanted to try it with the expansion, but I never picked that up. Is the assassin any good? I remembered wanting to try her out, but I never got the chance.

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i tried to use the assassin but quit because my build was wrong :( that was years ago though. right now im building a sorc hihi i always wanted to build one since diablo 1 came out…

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