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How can I increase my breast size?

Asked by tina (23points) November 20th, 2008

I am 22 and my breast size is 34b. My friends and relatives make fun of me. Please let me know if there is any way to increase my breast size.Thanks

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Girlfriend, there is nothing wrong with a 34 B. If you actually are that size, it doesn’t make any sense why anyone would make fun of you. I am exactly that size and nobody has ever made fun of me for it. Find a good push-up bra, if it really bothers you that much.

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but i dont understand why my friends tease me!!! am really worried. is der any way to increase its size naturally other than using push-up bra?

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Just. Don’t. Worry. About it. If they get any bigger you’ll be wishing they were smaller again. Tell your friends to sod off. You’re beautiful as you are :)

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Other than operations, there is no way to change one part of yourself. You can’t “spot add” on fat, which is what would be ideal here. I mean if you gain weight overall, sure your breasts will get bigger, but so will you.

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Are you on the pill? That might make them bigger.

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It’s proven that hops, the spice in beer can increase breast size. So drinking more beer will slowly increase your breast size.

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That explains German girls…

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Sounds like you need to tell your friends to bug off and just appreciate yourself the way you are. I had much smaller breasts at your age and after children and middle age, I now have more than enough. Time will change a lot of things.

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I’d love to see some actual data about that, MrMontpetit. All I’ve found was this article from the Straight Dope . Interestingly enough, they do talk about photoestrogens (a plant form of estrogen, which is the primary female sex hormone), and they mention that hops do contain a high amount of it. But he follows that up with this interesting point:

For women who do produce enough estrogen of their own, phytoestrogens actually decrease overall estrogen activity by competing with the homegrown estrogen for positions on estrogen receptor sites; when phytoestrogens latch onto these sites, they push aside the real estrogen and provide only a weaker version. In fact, that could be their real benefit, some experts think—by lowering the body’s effective estrogen level, phytoestrogens may reduce a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer. But here’s the thing: if so, they’d likely make breasts smaller, not larger.

And his conclusion seems pretty definitive.

In short, whatever uses phytoestrogens may have, increasing breast size isn’t one of them. Many breast-enlargement products contain only small amounts of phytoestrogens anyway, and none has been proven to work in double-blind laboratory tests.

I’m a girl of science, so his last phrase is enough to seal the deal for me. Debunked.

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Maybe what you need is a new set of friends, people who value you for who you are as a person.

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That does not sound like the sort of thing that a “friend” would say! Besides, there is nothing “abnormal” about your size.

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Yeah, to echo what people are saying, true friends don’t continue to tease if they know it upsets you. I personally don’t stand for people making continual fun of a part of mine – I dealt with a bit of teasing in school, but often did so by standing up for myself. I do so today as well.

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Tina, you need an increase in self-esteem and decent friends, not boob size.

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You don’t need to change your boobs.

You need to change your friends. Or at the very least, your definition of the word “friend”.

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34B is a perfectly normal size. I don’t see the problem here at all. New friends are in order.

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Hi, again! I have been thinking a little more about your situation and here’s what I came up with: If you want to remain friends with the folks who have been teasing you, then I suggest that you tell them how you feel right now. That is, when you get a spare moment, you should visit, call, email, or write a letter to them, explaining that you value their friendship, but it hurts you when they tease you about these matters.

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@answerjill- true. Maybe they are teasing in good fun and don’t realize it’s getting to you. Have you told them it’s bothering you and to cut it out? If they still tease you, then they suck and your boobs are still just fine.

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Look at the tags… What does India have to do with this??

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i know how you feel. I use to get made fun of all the time cause of small boobs. The only thing that helped me was birth control. I got put on it for irregular periods and it made my boobs bigger. So i no longer get made fun of it. But nothing is wrong with a 34 B. that’s how big mine are.

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Thanx everyone for giving me great suggestions. I’ll better change my attitude rather than worrying about what others think about my appearance

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not much you can do unless you’re willing to either go for a good pushup bra or plastic surgery.
i wouldn’t recommend the second one though.
i don’t see anything wrong with your size.

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When I read your question I began to wonder if I fluthered in my sleep. I’m in the same situation, and there is nothing wrong with a 34 b thank you very much! They’re probably just teasing and don’t mean anything by it. Much lurve!

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love yourself

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. This is how I see it please take no offence but whoever slights you in your breast size and that is a really nice size are a bunch of sloped brow Neanderthals be they friend or family. They must have some serious issues of their own to try and need to cut someone else down to pump themselves up. Don’t think that you are sexy and awesome with the rack you have, know you are, and there are many guys who love you that way.

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The prettiest feature of a woman is a smile.

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