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Why does everyone hat Paisely?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) November 20th, 2008

I can understand that it’s a pattern that should be worn in moderation, just as anything else, but why does everyone hate it so much? I’ve always thought it was a nice pattern that could be worn occasionally. Is it a fashion faux-pas ever time I wear it?

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I like paisely, my prom gown was light blue with light blue beading all around it in a paisely pattern….

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One of my favorite dresses is paisley. I don’t wear it often, but when I do I always get compliments.

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I like it, in moderation. There was a time when there was too much paisley – ties, dresses…linens…you name it!

Like EP, I have a really nice dress that has a paisley pattern. When I wear it, I receive a lot of compliments, but I just don’t wear it that often.

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I love paisleys. I only have quilting fabric, if I had anything wearable I’d wear it all the time. So I’d say that not everyone hates paisley print, maybe you’ve just been associating with verbal paisley haters.

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Okay, I realize there was an issue with how I worded the question. I guess I was mostly talking about high fashion. Whenever I watch Project Runway or something like that, people hate on paisley. I just always wondered why because in the right proportion, it is a beautiful print.

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It has connotations of barefoot unwashed hippies.

And, to be honest, if the people on Project Runway hate it, that’s about the best recommendation I think it can have.

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@cwilbur and what’s wrong with barefoot unwashed hippies? teehee

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I loves me some paisley.

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Well, going by what came down the cat walks it is this seasons pattern.

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@Perchik: if you’re a haute couture doyenne, you’re unlikely to be fond of them.

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@tone: Awesome. I want one. :)

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@KawataGrey: EVERYONE hats paisley!

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@tone: hahaha, yeah, I saw my mistype after you sent the link…

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i absolutely love paisley.

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