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Top Model Cycle 11: Happy with the outcome?

Asked by tonedef (3935points) November 20th, 2008

It was a long, insane season of ANTM. In my opinion, it was the most hilariously bad season yet. When all those Amsterdam graphics popped up and that horrible music was playing, I almost died. Now that the magic is over, let’s reminisce about our favorite moments.

-The hot-tub shove heard ‘round the world
-Sheena needing to become more conscious of her sexual delivery
-Hannah’s breathtaking runway walk
-How Europeans are sometimes emotional, and sometimes not

God, I love this show. There’s a hole in my heart now that it’s over. Congrats, McKey! You deserved it.

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I preferred Samantha…but they were both good.

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I liked Samantha too. But I didn’t care who won after Analeigh was eliminated. She wasn’t too pretty without all the makeup but when you dressed her up – she was fierce and her walk was WAY better than McKey’s.

I do think this season was boooring. And Tyra is getting weirder looking, IMO.

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I thought this season was so crazy-ass. Sheena was my absolute favorite, but I liked Brittany and Isis, too. Annaleigh was so sweet, but she just wasn’t a very good model, IMO.

I thought all of McKey’s pictures were so incredible. Just looking at her head on, I wouldn’t have guessed that she could look like she did in the photos. It’s all about the angles. And those judges just could not shut up about her legs.

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The season was pretty crazy from what i saw. i was surprised with the outcome, but she is good. So that’s okay

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McKey (Brittany) was on ‘Regis and Kelly’ this morning. She is SOOOO tall – hence the comments about the legs. Regis is 5’9” and McKey stood about a foot taller than him (with heels). I guess I didn’t care who won this season as much as I have in seasons past. All three of the top girls were at least nice and didn’t act like they should win.

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i was voting for mckey since the beginning! i think she’s gorgeous.
my runnerups:
sheena! i loved her so much.
analeigh was adorable,
elisa (i think that was her name) i thought she was stunning, but she was a bit of a beeeotchhh

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