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Computer Speakers don't work.

Asked by Raggedy_Ann (455points) November 20th, 2008

I recently moved the wire from running in front of my CPU to the back. Now they don’t work. I’ve tried the other jacks on the back with no luck.

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Are they plugged in?

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Yes and I’ve even made sure that the sound on my computer is turned up.

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Do they work if you plug them back into the jack in front?

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Do they work if you plug them into a CD or MP3 player?

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Maybe the cable is bad. That would explain why it stopped working when you moved it. Check them with something else, like dynamicduo said. If it’s not working with that, see if jiggling the cable helps. If it does, then just make sure you have the cable positioned properly when the speakers are connected to the computer.

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That’s what I’ve been thinking. I think they are rather old…had them on a different computer. It may just be time to replace them but thought I would ask for advice first.

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XP? if so click on the little speaker icon in the tray, open it so you see all of the different audio sliders (If you cant see it inn the tray go control panel -> Sounds and audio properties -> then click advanced on the volume tab). One or more of these may have muted themselves when you unplugged the audio jack. So just unmute all of them and see what happens.
.:edit:. once you’re in volume control click options->properties -> and select all the tick boxes then just unmute them all so you can be sure you get all the possibilities.

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You can test most speakers easily by plugging them into a mp3 player’s headphone jack and playing a song. If the speakers need to be plugged in for power, do so.

If they work when you wiggle the wire, you might be able to tape the wire down in a position that works. However when I see this symptom in my headphone it usually means they’re dying.

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