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App buying addiction.

Asked by Melonking (1221points) November 20th, 2008

I can’t stop buying apps for my iphone, I tried saying that I don’t need them and 5 seconds later there in my downloads folder, What do I do I have already spent €70 this month on them.

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Mail me your iPhone asap I will return a cheap phone with no apps to buy

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Get rid of the phone if you truly feel you can’t stop spending the money, especially if you can’t afford to be spending that much. It’s the same as drug-use or alcohol – if you overdo it, cut it out entirely.

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er but i sorta need the phone, and no i will not mail it to you.

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you don’t need that phone. Mail it to me instead.

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Il do that when lemons fly and you can buy a wireless Morse code transmitter in a Sony store. HA

And I do need it I would be sooo un cool with out it.

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Well, in that case, learn self-control. There’s no other answer anyone can give you for this question, besides that.

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They don’t appear in your downloads folder on their own, you’re not exactly a victim here. It will take self control, but just stop.
Ditto what drastic dreamer said.

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I have self control, I have buckets of it, in fact I have so much self control, that I can stop saying that I have self control. See..

@Likeradar Thats the prob I cant just stop, and I am a victim… Im not the one making all the cool new apps.

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Ha! Buy me an app for Christmas, take part in the spirit of giving.

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move the app store to the last page on your iPhone and don’t go there…you won’t see it and you won’t be tempted…put it on a page completely by itself

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Perhaps, when a new app comes out, you should ask yourself if you will actually use it, and what you did before that app came into your life. If you generally don’t go out to eat for lunch, then you probably don’t need an app that suggests places to go to lunch. If you do go out to lunch, how do you decide to do it now? (before buying the app) If the app will significantly decrease the amount of time you spend doing something, then maybe consider buying it. There’s no point in buying an app that you’re not going to use, or use only once to see how cool it was.

The point is, if you have the self control that you claim, you should be able to make rational arguments to yourself. “No, I really don’t need an app that keeps track of my golf score. Yeah I know it looks cool…but honestly, I’m not going to use it.”

Another thing you could do, is budget yourself. Say ” I will spend at MOST €20 on apps for the rest of the year. ” that does not mean you have to spend all that Start googling for how to put yourself on a budget. Most of that stuff is dealing with specifics, but if you have the self control, put yourself on a budget.

Worst case, get someone close to you, (spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother…etc) to change the password on your itunes account.

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and most of the apps are not great anyway…except free word warp and it’s free!

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Memory space has been like nicorette gum for me.

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do this activate your parental controls. Have a friend input the password so you can’t access it and there you go. Atleast you can’t buy on the fly.

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Have someone you trust change your iTunes password (and keep it from you) and set your account to require the password for every purchase.

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jailbreak your iPhone and then get all the cracked apps..

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Download Lux (free). Then you’ll be too busy playing to spend time downloading apps.

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yup,lux is one of the other great FREE aps!

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@Melon, all three of your responses have been resisting the suggestions you’ve received. Are you SURE you really want to give up this addiction? Is it really costing you where it hurts?

The suggestions above could all work. Here’s another idea: just let yourself enjoy all the apps. They are really cool. Observe your addiction – how the apps just seem to “show up” on your phone. If you’re unhappy about it, suffer some more. When you’re really ready to stop, you will. Or you’ll take one of the suggestions we’re offering.

It seems absurd to me to fight the people who are trying to help you.

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Let someone you trust—best friend, spouse, parent—change your password for iTunes. Don’t let them tell you.

Oh! I see Kevbo has already suggested this. In which case, DO WHAT KEVBO SAYS.

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@empress… actually I suggested it first haha.

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@Perchik: Oh, shoot! Sorry!

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Well, the password thing is a good idea @trustinglife That because they at that point all they were saying was get rid of the iphone and mail it to them, you can understand why I was saying no.

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