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How do i make this UNawkward?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) November 20th, 2008

so i applied to university this week, as did most of my friends for early applications. meanwhile, one friend who is older, just got denied from her school of choice and her backup is very competitive. this is really weird. how should i act?

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Naturally and honestly with a touch of compasion.

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Be encouraging, and if you get accepted, just know that you can’t gloat over it with this person, be sensitive.

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Yeesh…I remember those days. Both answers, above, have it right.

Good luck!

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Act yourself. Be sensitive to her feelings too. Getting denied to the school of your choice can be discouraging to some people. Keep her hopes up.

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if you are her friend you need to support her. just remember to make sure you dont gloat in front of her. this doesnt mean you shouldnt be stoked if you get into the school of your choice. i was in a situation where a friend got denied from the school she wanted but I got into it. in the end she was happy with the school she got into and she loves it there. just remind her that it is really not that big of a deal and im sure since her backup school is competitive, that it is a good school as well

im half wasted writing this so i hope it makes sense

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And maybe encourage her to apply to other schools? Maybe even offer to help?

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Trustinglife brings up a good point: getting accepted at a competitive school does not guarantee that it will be a good fit, or that you will necessarily get a “better” education or educational exerience than possibly at a smaller school.

She should definitely be applying to more than two schools.

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Update: My friend just got into her second choice.

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Congratulations to her! How did you end up approaching it with her?

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