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How could the discourse on Fluther be improved?

Asked by ghostofjohn (16points) November 21st, 2008

What etiquette, and features could help Jellies get along? What causes the most conflict on fluther?

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Wow – 5 great questions, and no responses yet. I’ve never seen that. Amazing.

Don’t be a dweeb?

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I don’t believe I’ve seen much in the way of conflict here.

Maybe I’m missing something.

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Proper use of grammar.

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I think our discussions about politics and religion could use a lot more respect and civility.

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Hah. Take a look at places like YayHooray. Fluther is about as good as the Internet can ever get, in my opinion.

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Fluther is pretty well behaved. Even the nastier questions I’ve seen are well behaved. The other day someone posted a question about biking instead of driving that had some nasty attitude going on. People were at first nasty to each other, but in the end it evolved into a discussion of how the question got off track and what behaviors people felt enabled the nastiness. So even our meaner questions seem to become good learning experiences for the future. Uggg, and now I sound like my mother.

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The reason Fluther’s such a great place is because of the amazing moderators :)

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Well, you’ve just registered today, so spend at least a few days here before you ask about ways to change things. I’ve found that it’s already a very civil, intelligent place.

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ABC; Accuracy, brevity and clarity covers it.

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@Gail, no period?

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Ta, Tali. (It was only a venal sin.)

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