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Does anyone else find Nigella Lawson attractive?

Asked by juicyful (110points) August 26th, 2007

I am so in love with that woman.

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Now, juicyful, I would have never predicted this would be the first thing I would find we have in common. First, the poet in me finds “attractive” to be an insufficient word. No still picture I have ever seen does her justice. Her exotic good looks are made even sexier by their being just slightly imperfect, perhaps just a bit too lush to be “beautiful” in a traditional sense, but smoldering hot, made even more so by their slight difference from a boring ideal.
And she cooks as well. Be still, my pounding heart and tastebuds. I must use caution and not wax over-eloquent, as this may be unseemly for a married man (whose wife will probably read this, and whose mother-in-law almost certainly will). She cooks, but is not obsessive about a little mess or imperfection. And that voice, articulate AND husky. And accent, elegant, but with a trace of naughtiness. And clearly, a very intelligent woman. And artistic. And she really shouldn’t mix with her hands and then lick batter off her fingers ever again, as this simply is too much for an approaching middle age fat guy diabetic like me, and may provoke a coronary incident. Or at least cause me to blow a cerebral lobe. I imagine if I ever met her, I would have a similar reaction I have to attractive redheads. Despite years of training as an actor, lawyer and public speaker, I would find myself unable to form complete sentences, giggle uncontrollably, and follow her around with mooncalf eyes waiting for her to place something luscious in my mouth. (Boy, I looooove the word luscious. Remember the UnCola Man? Geoffrey Holder? Tall, muscular, bald black man from the West Indies? I took TV acting from him and he taught me a whole new way to say “luscious.”) I would probably commit pathetically over-exuberant acts of fannish, slaveish devotion, like, I don’t know, whittling her a new spoon from a whole redwood. But soft, what scent from yonder window breaks? ‘Tis Nigella, and she’s making jam trifle. With her hands. Excuse me, I must go dunk my cerebrum in ice water.

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@hossman: luscious is truly a delicious word…can you phonetically spell it the way the UnCola man taught you??

I, too, am an admirer of Nigella.

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Hossman, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Nigella is stunning, magical, creative and incredibly talented.

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Mere letters could never represent the way Geoffrey taught me to say luscious. I will say, however, that like many actors, I was waiting tables at the same time, and using his pronunciation probably doubled my dessert sales, and thus increased my tips.
By the way, Geoffrey’s basic premise was the secret to commercial acting was to make every product be about sex just from the way you delivered your lines. Insurance? Make it sexy. Banking? Make it sexy. Adult diapers? Make ‘em sexy. Now it doesn’t work quite as well for bearded white guy me as it does for imposing, sexy, West Indies Voodoo God exotic accent him, but it has worked for me in a variety of contexts. In fact, I must admit there is a certain female judge that looked forward to seeing me in her courtroom because I would turn just a little of that on. It works on her, and men are not even her gender of preference.
If you remember his 7Up commercials, you can picture the way he says luscious. Sort of like (in a smoothly smoky basso profundo) “Lllllllluuuuuhhhhhhshshshshshshaaaahhhhhhhszszszszsz.” I have watched him order a Reuben and ice tea and the waitress melts into a dewy puddle. Even the sternest dowager cannot resist him. He truly has some hypnotic power he can wield at will. It’s really not fair.

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She is just so beautiful – and your right, her voice is very sexy. I knew i wasn’t alone in my love for her!!

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I didn’t know who she was ‘till I read your question. You’re right—she’s a babe!

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succulent and she works well with her hands…

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If any of you live in the UK, she has a new series starting on Monday at 8.30pm on BBC2!

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I, too, never had one clue who she was until I read your question,
then looked at her “images” on Yahoo. Yeah, she’s hot…

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Oh, by the way, take a look at Gemma Massey, Juicyful.

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