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Are there any good DVD copy programs for OSX?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) August 26th, 2007

For PC i used CloneDVD which ripped, copied and burnt DVDs in a few steps and AnyDVD to allow copyrighted material to be copied.. Are there any programs like that for mac.. I heard of using mac the ripper and toast but I was looking for something as simple as CloneDVD

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Handbrake is awesome!

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use mactheripper then burn the DVD with dvd2onex. Works like a charm!

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Can handbrake grab the CD and make an exact copy?

I agree with Fallstand—the programs are too complicated; I wish there was a program that had a button that said “Make backup copy of complete DVD” and did exactly that.

Handbrake doesn’t grab the extras. Mac the Ripper seemed complicated the last time I used it.

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Fast DVD Copy seems to be what you’re looking for.

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If there were a “DVD Shrink” for Mac, it would be heaven on earth, til then, use Mac the Ripper and DVD2One, it does work like a charm!

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You could us some Popcorn.

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