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A lot of times, if you work for the school, you’ll get a large discount off of classes. That’s the best idea I’ve got.

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Military. They pay you while you’re going to school for free.

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Get a full scholarship.

I know that at one law school or foundation there are a couple of full scholarships for folks who promise to do public interest law for a few years.

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Find any minority blood you might have.

I’m going to have to say that it might not be the best time to join the military.

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If you really need to go to school for free but still want the degree, apply to some lower-tiered schools and if you get good enough LSAT scores, they will likely offer you a full ride. (I mean, if your LSAT scores are off the charts, you should get scholarships to the really good schools). For example, someone who could get into USC based on their scores would probably have to pay full or partial tuition. But if that same person applies to a smaller school with less of a reputation, they can likely get in with money offered.

There are a lot of people who will tell you that you should go to the very best school that you get into because the reputation is more important than getting yourself into debt that you can pay off later. But if you really don’t want to do debt, you can still get a law degree, it just won’t be from Stanford or Yale.

And of course, if you plan to sell your soul to corporate law after you graduate, just take out the loans now and you won’t have a problem paying them off when you’re making six figures or more.

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I have to agree with Emily. The prep programs for the LSAT are worth it. PowerScore is good. If you know that you want to stay in a certain community, then go to a law school in that state. Top scores will snag you money to a tier-2 school. Most students find it impossible to work the first year, but after that, clerking during the year can be a breath of sanity.

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UC Irvine is starting a law school this year and the first class (it will only be about 30 students I think) will get a full ride. Its worth checking into.

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“Irvine, Calif., law school gets new name, offers first class full tuition scholarships”

Look into TA jobs. At UC schools, you get some amount of fee remission, health care and an hourly salary.

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there are so many ways! you just have to do the research.

for example part of the College Cost Reduction Act if a person is willing to serve as a public defender or gov prosecutor for 10 years all of your school loans will be repaid.

But there are so many differnt types of law. If you are interested in let’s say tax law, money won’t be a problem once you get a job.

And of course there are always private and corprate scholarships.

It just takes a lot of time and work to find money for school, but there are an unlimited number of paths that you can take to attend law school in a cost-effective way.

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haha, go to prison

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Have your own TV courtroom show. Like Judge Judy, or Judge Joe Brown.

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