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Is there any good way to effecitvely drive out or even kill mosquito or insect problems in the house?

Asked by gilgamesh (227points) August 26th, 2007

I just got bit already typing this up. any good ways to do it without any type of harmful chemical repellent?

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citronella plants or the candles drives them away

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Might want to give this a try. I haven’t tried it but I saw it on a few years ago.

Ghetto Mosquito Trap

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I’d like to know if that mosquito trap works for american mosquitos. Looking at the pictures from the original experiment, the insects that trap catches, doesn’t appear to be what I call a mosquito.

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How did the bugs get into the house in the first place? Are your screens and screen doors tight? That’s the first place to start. And for local inside problems, just drape mosquito netting over you (as they do in sub-Saharan hotels). For outside, you need a screened-in porch. You may kill some of the mosquitoes all of the time, all of the mosquitoes some of the time but never your neighbors’ mosquitoes, who will fly over directly to fill in the void.

@johnpowell: your funny site of Korean kids’ mosq.trap segued into pages of responses; how to poison bees, hornets, wasps, catch cockroaches on duct tape (primary ingredient is a man-about-the-house,) among other topics.

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In South Louisiana mosquitoes are ALWAYS a problem, and they are even more so now because of spreading the West Nile Virus, which can kill. We use a Bug Zapper on our porch. We make sure there is no standing water in our backyard or in planters. If we go outside we make sure to wear a mosquito repellent. Our favorite is Skin so Soft by Avon. It works really well for us. We make sure that all of our screens are in good shape on our windows. If we are going in and out of our house,we make sure to enter and leave quickly and make sure that the door is closed tightly. Hope this is helpful. These measures seem to work down here in swamp country!

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