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What should I cook tonight?

Asked by PHuSiOn9 (1points) November 21st, 2008

Having a special guest

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How about a veggie stir fry? Easy and delicious.

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Chicken Marsala

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I will give the same answer as I did here.
BTW this appeals to vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

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I also agree with Chicken Marsala…topped with mushrooms. YUMMY!

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Beloved macaroni and cheese.

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I don’t know. My mum is taking me out to dinner! :D

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Why cook when you can eat out?

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Enjoy Life-Eat Out More Often.

1930s: In an appeal to customers in bleak times, the National Restaurant Association tries out two advertising slogan: “Enjoy Life— Eat Out More Often” and “Take Her Out to Dinner at Least Once a Week.”

I wonder how they decided on that?

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Eating out (for me) is almost always a disappointment – and a mystery about what’s on my plate. Cooking is fun, cheaper, is healthier, offers higher quality and more variety, and tastes better.

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after loosing 80 lbs and working my butt off to keep it off I have determined to only eat out if it is absolutely fantastic. No chains or fast food joints for me ever again. They just aren’t worth the calories. Now a good, I mean really good Italian meal or a great steak place, that might be worth it!

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kind of late but have you stopped by my blog?

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