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Do your local radio stations play the heck out of songs?

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) November 21st, 2008

Here in The Cornfield it seems that radio stations play new releases until I can’t stand to listen! Right now that Jason Mraz song with all the horrible grammar and the one about turning the car around seem to be every third and fourth song played. Sadly enough I liked them both when I first heard them but now they make my ears bleed. Do the radio stations in your neck of the woods do this to perfectly good songs?

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Seems like nobody’s intersted in discussing local radio tonight, Mouse who’s Super. Maybe it’s because we’ve all entered the year 2008 and listen to the music we want on our cool MP3 devices.

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I play the heck out of Beats in Space, an amazing free podcast from a weekly radio show on WNYU.

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I can’t stand that, that is one of the main reasons I won’t listen to the radio anymore. Only in the car, because the husband likes it in there, and on road trips. Other than that, it’s not for me, because music really does give me a headache, I don’t know why.

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ya i only listen to my ipod cuz i have cohed & cambra they rick

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i mean coheed & cambria

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I haven’t listened to commercial radio in 10 – 15 years.

But there was also an awesome Internet station called “Boot Liquor” I used to enjoy the hell out of.

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yeah, they do play a lot of songs over and over, but they do rotate, they have different classes of songs, I (at my station at least) think the A class is the new music, they also have good oldies, the songs their testing out, etc etc. they try to rotate evenly.. but i know what you mean. seems they play the same songs every other hour

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The local pop/rock station here milks the piss out of songs. The top 10 are played continuously and if someone calls in to request a song and it wasn’t just played? they seem to play it again.

That’s why I have my ipod converter in the car. I can’t stand listening to the radio.

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If I hear the song “All Summer Long” on the radio one more time, I’m going to buy a gun, and proceed to murder Kid Rock.

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My local radio station plays the heck out of songs from 4–5 years ago.

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I have Sirius and don’t encounter overplayed stuff.

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Depends on the station. The most pop-y of pop stations used to have a tendency to destroy songs by overplaying them. I think that they’ve wizened up to it a bit (probably because of the ease of finding more varied radio stations and playlists on the Internet).

I’d have to actually listen to mainstream radio stations again to see if this is case.

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I only listen to the classical music station in my truck, and the only time they play the heck out of songs is during the holidays.

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Yes, it pisses me off. They play 10 different songs all day long. So by the end of the day I have heard each song a hundred times.
Soooo depressing.

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I listen to the radio all day at work. National Radio1 (BBC) and our popular local stations here in the UK do just as you say, the same playlist over and over and over again. I once made a tally of particular songs and twelve was the record for one song to be played during the working day.
I have now purchased a digital DAB radio and can at least find a station that I like and doesn’t get on my nerves too much, those stations being Kerrang and NME at the minute.

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