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Do you tend to skip over really long questions?

Asked by SuperMouse (30809points) November 21st, 2008

When I see a question is more than one longish paragraph (unless of course it is posted by a flutherer known for long-winded questions or answers that are always worth reading or if the possibility exists that the question is a frizzer) I skip that question and move on to a shorter one. Does anyone else do this or do I just have a hopelessly short attention span?

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I do find myself being selective when it comes to questions, and for that matter, answers that seem long. However, if I normally like what the asker and the askee have to say, I’ll spend the time reading the post.

Any question or answer posted by SuperMouse is always worth a careful look.

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I skip over really long questions and really long answers. There is noone on here who can hold my attention for that long.
There are other sites and blogs that are better suited to vebosity.

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If the question alone appears intriguing to me or is something that I can provide an answer for from experience or knowledge, I will take the time needed to read through all of it along with the subsequent details before I decide to answer or skip it altogether.

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It really depends on what the topic is, if it is something like when will I get my period, you can bet that I am going to skip it. If it is something like spousal abuse, or children, I will take the time to read them, stuff like that is important to me. Hope this helps.

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ya i guess cuz they r just 2 hard to understand

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If the question is written concisely and clearly, does not repeat the same ideas over and over, uses breaks and has a topic that interests or amuses me, then yes.

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Depends on how hooked I was by the question itself.

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I usually look for keywords that interest me.

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Long questions don’t turn me off, but I do use the title to decide if I’m interested enough to look at the details. If you don’t hook me with the title, I’ll never know how long the details are.

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The length of a question or answer does not deter me. The quality of the Q or A, as exhibited in the first few sentences, and whether or not I can be useful determine how long a time I’m willing to commit.

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Nope, I don’t mind if the question has a long details section.
Yep, I do mind if there are a million answers, and I am picking up the discussion late. It gets to be a lot to read, and I don’t get the joy of being in the middle of the give-and-take of a discussion.

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Yeah, I kinda do that…

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Yep. Short attention span. Plus, only reading and answering the short-to-medium length Qs and As makes me feel like I’m not wasting as much time. Ohoho, how terribly Fluther affects my homework…

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I’m the same as Trustinglife. I have no problem with long question descriptions and long answers, but if there are a lot of answers in a single thread I usually won’t take the time to read all of it.

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