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good vacuum for asthma.

Asked by ckinyc (1158points) August 27th, 2007 from iPhone

anyone knows a good canister vacuum for probe who has asthma? I know there is something cost $1700 but I am looking at something below the cost of an iPhone. Thx

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I meant people (not probe)

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A Dyson – excellent vacuums an recommended by those that have asthma.

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Thx Julicyful. Dyson is one of the brands I am looking into. All Dysons are bagless. Even though I prefer bagless myself but ain’t they bad especially when you empty the dust bin? Anyone asthmatic people out there who might have experience with Dyson (or any bagless) vacuum? thx

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My daughter has asthma, and we use an oreck vacuum with the HEPA bag. We love it!

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Oreck or Dyson, I’ve had both and my wife has asthma. She liked the Dyson better, if I recall correctly.

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We bought a Dyson Slim a couple of months ago and the allergies (not asthma) in my family have dramatically improved.

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forgot to add…the bagless device, if you want can dump it directly outside if you are concerned about the dust. Dyson really gets the dirt out of carpets too! Prior to the dyson, I vaccumed really well with my old vaccum that morning we bought it. Then the dyson came along, we dumped about a few loads of dirt in our 1678 sq foot home that evening. It’s that good.

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I have a bissell bagless, with hepa filter under $200.00 model 3575h

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will check them out.

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We don’t have asthma but recently bought a Bissel Model 3750 as we needed something strong to pick up pet hair from our dog. We also have an Oreck and it is just sooo much better. The Bissel has 12 amp maximum power draw, it is powerful. I am amazed at the cleaning power it has.

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