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Does anyone know about this game?

Asked by Hobbes (7368points) November 22nd, 2008

I remember reading about an independent horror game sometime last year. Apparently, it was somewhat similar to Dead Space, but different. It was set on the moon, and had no sounds whatsoever – you were effectively deaf, with only music to fill the silence. There was only one weapon, and one monster, and the entire thing was in black white. You were just completely isolated in an abandoned station on the moon.

About twenty minutes of googling didn’t turn anything up, and I’m beginning to think I just dreamed this game.

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I have never heard about it. Sounds cool though :)

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You probably dreamed it, or at least I don’t think anyone would buy it. It sounds way to repetitive.

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You may be right. I was so sure I had really read about this game, too…

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haha, if I had a nickel for every time I’d done that :)

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maybe you did dream it up…or maybe the t.v. was on when you feel asleep and there was a show on t.v. just like it (dreams are what our mind uses to escape reality..)

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I think I did dream it. I was just thrown off because I remember actually reading an article about the game, and I usually don’t ever read things in my dreams.

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Congratulations on the enhanced literacy of your dream self.

Interesting game design, too.

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It’s really got me thinking now: could this work? Total silence might just get annoying after a while, but I’m imagining long stretches of intense quiet punctuated by sudden noises. Are there any precedents for this sort of game? That is, games where the main horror stems from isolation and slow dread?

Could the “only one enemy” idea work? I think it could, if your weapon didn’t damage him, only drove him away or stunned it temporarily, so that it’s never really defeated.

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Sure the ideas could work. Silence could even make sense for various sci fi situations, such as vacuum and/or remote-controlled agents. I can imagine various ways it could be done.

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I think it would make for a pretty good horror/survival game.

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@uberbatman a shitty, low-end bioshock

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@aanuszek1 Bioshock was shit IMO as soon as you realized there was absolutely no punishment what-so-ever for dying any and all fun was drained from that game.

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i remember playing a game once were i was locked alone in an insane assylum and had to escape it scared the crap outa me. i also remember dreaming of a game some what like the one you described but i have never heard of it outside of the dream world

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