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Which is better, plain yogurt or fruit on the bottom yogurt?

Asked by webarnold (55points) August 27th, 2007

I just recently discovered that I like yogurt. I really enjoy the fruit on the bottom kind. I also like to add in some granola for extra texture.

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I LOVE plain yogurt. And when it comes to fruit flavors, I like blended, as opposed to fruit on the bottom. It’s less syrupy and chunky. Wallaby brand is nice because it is sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar. Other brands also do this (Safeway Organics is one, I think) – I’d say stay away from sugar-sweetened yogurt if you can.

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I recommend that you buy plain yogurt and add your own fruit and granola. Your personal mix will be fresher, healthier, and better tasting. Hey, it’s peach season right now!!

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Buy organic yogurt (it has live cultures, particularly Stoneyfield) and doctor it yourself. Fresh fruit, (frozen off-season), nuts, honey, maple syrup, granola – ground flax seed. It’s also cheaper to buy a large container and fiddle w. a small amt. Consider the stirring to be a mini-exercise.

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Excellent responses all. I guess I never even thought to add my own fruit as well as my own granola. I also like the idea of maple syrup….

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I am very much not a “morning person”. I prefer my yogurt pre-fruited. :)

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I agree about adding fresh fruit—buy plain or vanilla (i prefer vanilla when i’m adding sweet things like fruit—plain if i’m using yogurt in a savory direction like tzatziki sauce) and all it takes is some chopped banana, peaches, strawberries, cherries, pear, blackberries….. whatever you have or what’s in season, as above. another option is to add canned fruit (like pitted cherries) or fruit jams. and definitely look for live cultures!

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What is this bit about “live cultures?”

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acidoliphus is a good bactertia. It will say on the package. It helps in prevention of many ailments.

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the “live cultures” that live in yogurt are bacteria that aid in digestion. also, lots of fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt has corn syrup in it with the fruit. yuck.

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@nomtastic – ahhhh…that makes sense. Thanks! I have read about the corn syrup in the fruit on the bottom yogurt – which would make me want to steer away from it…

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live cultures are especially important if you want to rebuild the ‘good bacteria’ naturally in your stomach/digestive system, which may be depleted due to taking antibiotics, having a parasite, etc. read or google ‘live/active cultures’ and you’ll find plenty of info. you can also get this other places – like from miso, for example (as long as you don’t boil it). but no matter what your health situation (generally speaking) they are good for you! you might as well take advantage of that very famous and quite universally-appreciated aspect of yogurt.

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I just ate some yogurt fruit on the bottom and thought it was so good i should wiki it. does anyone know if dannon was the first company to make ‘fruit on the bottom’ yogurt? Some granola would really be good on top of this stuff though.In the debate, you could always bring up that plain yogurt has less sugar, and that you can always just turn regular yogurt into fruit on the bottom as well as plain yogurt being better in other recipes. So I wouldn’t say that fruit on the bottom totally wins, except im sure some people may find it to be the best kind of yogurt there is.

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The fruit-on-the bottom yogurt sold in stores is full of artificial ingredients and corn syrup. Homemade yogurt is best. Add your own fruit, or if you don’t like fruit chunks in your yogurt mix in a teaspoon of jam for your own version of fruit-on-the bottom.
Here is an easy recipe for homemade yogurt:

and here is an easy recipe for homemade jam:

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