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My PSP won't save games?

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) November 22nd, 2008

I have a 4GB memory card and version 5.02. Whenever I try to save a game it says there is insufficient space on the memory card when there’s plenty of space.

How can I fix this?

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It sounds like there are some firmware problems with your PSP. Is it hacked? It could also be the memory card. Has it worked before? If it has, then the card my be damaged, I would try reformatting the card using an operating system, like Windows or Mac, then try again.

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that’s strange, because 4gb support was added in the 3.00 firmware

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i haven’t used mine for a while so bear with me…under system there should somewhere be an option to format memory stick. Format it and it should work. Hope this helps. Sorry if it doesn’t.

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I’m going to guess that you formatted this memory stick from the computer before you put it in the PSP. This can create problems for you. Save all the information off of it (on to your computer) and do the following:

You can format any size Memory Stick Duo in the Sony PSP by doing this:

1. Push the little HOME button on the bottom left of the face of the unit.
2. Use the arrow keys to move to the SETTINGS area, then move the up and down keys until you get to System Settings.
3. Once you are there, click on the “X” button and scroll up and down as needed to find Format Memory Stick. Click on “X” again to select that option.
4. The Sony PSP will now confirm that you want to reformat the memory stick (which removes every file and game save thereon, of course): choose yes and it’ll format in just a few seconds.

as found here

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Ok I reformatted it and it’s working now. Thanks for the help!

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Glad to hear it.

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