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PS3 disc drive won't read games or BluRays, just regular DVDs?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) November 22nd, 2008

What’s up? Do I need to send it back? Usually I can hear the drive reading the discs, but now I can’t and it won’t even show up under games. The same with BluRays.

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Are you hooked up to a HDTV via HDMI?

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Yes, the bluray laser is bad. The PS3 has two lasers – one to read bluray, another to read DVDs. Games are in the bluray format… as well as your… well, bluray movies.

Or, this might be the issue.

If your PS3 is under warranty, send it in for repair. Describe the issue, and they will give you an RMA. I once had my PS3 repaired and back to me within the week. Sony is awesome.

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@squirbel Is 2.42 the last update? Because it happened the day after I updated!

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No clue, read the date on the article. Also, check your firmware through the options menu.

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Yes, 2.42 is the latest update, making way for 2.5 which is supposed to include Home support, which means, hopefully, someday, before I am dead, I will get a chance to use Home.

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Does this mean that if I update now mine won’t be able to read bluray or games either?

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I’ve got 2.52.

Anyhow the PS3 disc drive is a bit dodgy. Mine broke the day I bought mine. If it’s not working you need to get it repaired or replaced.

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2.5 is out? then why isn’t my PS3 telling me to update? I click on update and it says it is up to date and I check the version and it says it is 2.4. I don’t have a hacked system ether.

Unless it came out today, as in like after when this question was posted.

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I have 2.52. I’m going to wait until the next update comes out before I send it back just in case that fixes it.

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mmmm… I have discovered a problem with my PS3 now… damn.

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@queenz I would send it back now. The hardware is broken and a software update won’t fix it.

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