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Who do you wish you were responsible for making up?

Asked by MacBean (19534points) November 22nd, 2008

I was listening to music a little while ago and I heard the lyric, “If you weren’t real I would make you up.” I really liked that because there are quite a few people who amaze me (both in positive and negative ways) and my little world would not be the same without them. If they weren’t real, I would want to make them up so that I had them anyway.

Who do you wish you made up? Celebrities/politicians? Flutherites? Friends/family? (Try to limit yourself to, say… two or three per category, just to avoid enormous lists.)

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GREAT question! If it was possible, I would lurve you a whole bunch!

Virginia Woolf – Writer
Robby – Friend
Tigh – Friend
My sister
Felicia – Best friend
The entire band of Tool and Pink Floyd
Tim Burton

I’ll stop there, because I won’t be able to otherwise.

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Hmmm… Interesting question. For some reason, I immediately think of L. Frank Baum. He led an interesting life and produced such imaginative stories.

He hasn’t had a significant impact on my life, though. If I had to choose someone who did, it’d be someone close to me, such as my mother or my best friend. But if I made them up, they wouldn’t be THEM, cuz I’d get it wrong.

At the same time, I feel like every person I know or hear about is someone I’ve “made up”, as it’s never entirely possible to properly understand the people we interact with, and it’s only possible to connect to people I haven’t met by learning of other people’s experiences.

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I would say my kids, but since I was half responsible, that seems like cheating. So instead, I’ll say my husband. He is not the perfect man…but he is the perfect man for me!

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I wish I’d made up Freddie Mercury. One of the most talented musicians ever. He was a lyricist, a singer, an entertainer. There was nobody like him, and never will be again, sadly.

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Jon Bon Jovi (the man, the music – my life to-date would not have been the same without….sigh, swoon, and all that)
John Lennon (the idea, the persona and his music)
Steve Jobs (not because life wouldn’t be the same without Apple, but the concept of starting in a garage, building and creating what he has…..the world needs that!)
....can I list Hello Kitty? If someone hadn’t already made up that power-hungry, basically evil, cute little kitty – I would!! :D

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@wildflower—Hello Kitty TOTALLY counts. I meant to include fictional characters in the list of categories, actually, and I forgot to because they’re “real” in a different sense.

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Outside of my loved ones, I’d create Jean Paul Sartre. If it wasn’t for him, I think I would have given up a long time ago. And on a lighter note, Mrs. Sees of See’s Candy. What would I do without those raspberry creams?

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Miles Davis—for inventing that sound. For playing those tunes.

Warren Buffet—for being a rock in the financial tides.

Martin Luther King — the greatest peace activist I can think of

Franklin Delano Roosevent—perhaps our greatest President

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