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Uninstall Safari 4 on OS X?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) November 23rd, 2008

Awhile back, I installed the safari 4 developer preview. Now I need safari 3 back.

Safari 3 won’t install because “a newer version is already installed on the system.” Besides dragging the app to the trash, what support files do I need to blitz to get the Safari 3 installer to run?

Are there any tools that will automate the process? Preferably free.

of note, I’ve already dragged safari 4 to the trash and emptied the trash

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just use appzapper or equiv. to get rid of it ;)

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appzapper does not list safari 4, likely because I already dragged it to the trash and deleted from the trash.

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download it again. The dmg file contains an uninstaller :)

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why do you need safari 3 back. is safari 4 preview worth downloading just to use it as my browser?

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safari 4 includes few new features. You can save webpages as applications, like fluid and it brings back the debug menu. Also, you can make every new tab open your homepage or bookmarks.

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would anyone mind sharing the dmg with me ? i’m not that big a fan of spending a lot of money on the developer connection, when all i want is play around with the new browser features

thanks :)

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It’s a free download. Just register for a free developer account :)

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If you want the most up-to-date Safari-like browser, look at WebKit, the open source project on which it’s based.

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Webkit and Safari is two different things. I run safari 4 with webkit 5528

Webkit won’t give you any new features, (except for the web inspector)

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My mistake; I didn’t realize there were features that hadn’t been pushed back to Webkit yet.

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I don’t think you get it. Webkit and Safari is two different things. Webkit is the engine and safari is the interface. Webkit can’t run without safari and Safari can’t run without Webkit. If you download a new version of Webkit, you will still be running your version of Safari, but it will be running on a new Webkit engine. You can really compare it to a car, Webkit being the engine and Safari being the chassis. You need both to use it.

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Look in your Hard Drive/Library/Receipts folder. If there’s a Safari package, move it out and then try to run the version 3 installer.

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Thanks, all.

I found the uninstaller in the DMG.

Safari 4 currently has no support for the quartz-composer plugin, so every time I tried to run my quartz-driven widget that I was developing, it would fail epic-ly!

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Seriously? Do you have trouble streaming QuickTime movies as well? I thought it was my school administrator that blocked it.

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@wilhel1812, it’s probably that your quicktime was out of date. In my particular case, the quartz-plugin was the only broken part of Safari 4

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No, QuickTime is fully updated. I guess he has blocked it. He did it previously, but he claimed that he had removed the block. I guess he was lying…

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hi, blastfamy

Could you kindly tell me where you found the uninstaller in DMG, why I only can see the Safari4.0.3Leo.pkg file?


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