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What tricks do you use to recall things that you've just forgotten? (e.g. "Shoot, I completely forgot what I was about to say!").

Asked by Jish (35points) August 27th, 2007

I often find myself forgetting things I was just thinking about and I could use some advice on how to recollect my thoughts. Some examples: walked down to the garage to do/get something, but I can’t recall what it was. Talking with a friend on the phone, but I can’t remember the point I was about to make about their hairless cat named Fuzzball.

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I do this all the time. My method is to stop thinking about it and move on. In a few minutes I usually remember what I was thinking.

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It’s called mushbrain or fuzzbrain, and I believe that there are online discussion groups (mostly whiny and boring, if I remember correctly). I use the opposite technique from johnp..I stop, focus, breathe, and usually get it. Or if not, just faggabout it.

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I usually try to retrace the path of the conversation. Sometimes if I remember a landmark from a few minutes before (“sheep” or “my feelings of inadequacy” or somesuch), I can reconstruct the rest of the thought-chain.

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I agree with Jonsonite, though if you are alone and thought of the thing you had to do somewhere else in the house or building, it sometimes helps me to go back to the place I originally thought of it and it comes to me.

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bee there dont that.. seems like everyday lol
well lots of times i just forget about it and it pops in my head at the most random places.
or i back track and i think about what i might have been thinking before i had my “brain fart”
or i literally back track what i was doing. lol it works for me. hope it does the same for u lol :)

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I am a visual human, so I visualize what/where/when, I was/doing while I lost or forgot something. If that does not work. I go on with my daily life, and put the “item” out of my mind and relax. Most of the time, where it was etc…comes back.

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