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Is there a way to "connect" a printer to a laptop without plugging more cords into the laptop?

Asked by Allie (17441points) November 23rd, 2008

As it is now we have a G5 set up in the living room with a printer and my MBP is connected through a wireless connection. Whenever I want to print I have to turn on the G5 and this gets kind of annoying sometimes. Is there a way to make the printer active when my MBP is on (and not the G5)? Make my MBP the primary computer maybe? Hopefully without plugging in more cords to my laptop…

Sorry if this is a stupid question.

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my best solution ? Airport Express or equivalent

in other words, connect the printer as a wireless device, either connect it to your router or use a network enabled printer

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Airport Express or Time Capsule will make that printer available to the network.

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Time Capsule and AirPort Express is mentioned so I’m gonna say AirPort Extreme.

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i’ll raise your AirPort Extreme with a Xerox 6110N

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You have to enable USB printer sharing in your System Preferences/sharing/Peinter Sharing (only available on 10.5). Then from the MBP you should be able to locate your printer using bonjour.

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@sndfreQ: Will that work if the G5 is off?

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Both have to be on I believe; I think the G5 can’t be in sleep mode either.

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Oh, that’s my problem. I hate having to turn on the G5 every time I want to print something.

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You could leave on and switch the monitor off when not in use; set the energy saver to sleep the monitor, but leave the CPU on; otherwise, like the others have recommended, get an AE or AEBS and you’ll have a wireless print server built in to the router…best way to go IMO…

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