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Can anyone point me to a website that would have detailed information on what kind of equipment & gear one needs to have an open mic night?

Asked by aphony (3points) November 23rd, 2008

My mother is hoping to set up an open mic night at her restaurant and needs help figuring out what equipment she needs to purchase. Is there anyone out there knowledgeable that might be able to help me figure out what equipment we need to purchase in order to make this go off without a hitch?

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Generally you only need a microphone and some sort of sound system (and if you’re gracious, a stool). If the restaurant does not currently have a sound system, you could consider buying some sort of portable sound system, such as a Fender Passport System. Those kind of systems come in handy for a lot of different uses, but if you do end up buying a portable system you might have to buy a mic separately, so make sure you know what you’re buying.

The other option is to have a local pro audio company come in and set up a system for you. I’m not sure what contract prices are like, but open-mic shows are generally very simple.

Other than a mic and a speaker, they might bring a monitor (for the person to hear themselves) and some kind of method of hooking a guitar into the system (most likely some sort of direct box, to go from a guitar cable 1/8” to a mic cable [xlr])

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* 1/4’’

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er right. I always think of them as 6mm I always forget which way it converts

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Ahhh…always the first question in situations like this; what is your budget?

Second question: how many people and “arrangements” of performers will you have? A karaoke setup requires quite a bit less in terms of support systems versus a PA for a band…need some more info.

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