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Do you think there are any nude photos/videos of you on the internet?

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) November 23rd, 2008

Do you have any spiteful exes that may have posted pictures they had of you after the relationship ended?

Do you think you ever had a sexual encounter that may have been videotaped without your knowledge?

Do you know that there are nude photos of you on the internet? If so, how did you find out?

Or did you intend for them to be accessed publicly?

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Wait, should I take that video of you off youporn?

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@nikipedia: Actually, I think it may help my career.

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No, because I don’t engage in behaviour like that. I can’t even do stuff like that with my husband. I rarely even let him see my legs let alone me seeing them. lol

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No, but once I thought I saw someone I knew. That was weird. She came from a family that, while not exactly troubled, was fairly unconventional. Nudity was not a big deal to them. The kids had significant drug experiences. She ended up in a low wage field. So I can imagine her doing that, but just barely.

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My boyfriend works offshore and I sent him a dirty pic the other day. I sent it through email so it is kind of on the Internet. It wouldn’t matter if it got out because it doesn’t show my face and my parts look really hot.

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Better not be any out there. My ex isn’t spiteful, so I don’t think so. But at the same time, I broke it off with him because I didn’t trust him…

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Nope. I have never put myself in a situation like that or engage in any behavior like that which would result in photos of me all over the internet.

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Why yes! You can check them out at! Free trial offer: One day is only $1.00!

Just Kidding

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No comment. Just kidding, But I once looked up all the porn one of best friends college buddy had done. It was hilarious and awkward.

And again, hilarious. He’s like the Brad Pitt of twink porn. It was the most awesome night ever. We ate pistachios and googled for like four hours.

Side story, off topic. My bad.

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Googled… is that what they’re calling it now?

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One of my ex-boyfriends is on

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I love the confidence.

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@niki: Those are so many O Faces. So many. Wow.

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Oh God. I really, really hope not.

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I love the O face link! Nothing is hotter than a good O face. I wish you would put a link to your exboyfriend because now I have a picture of him in my head and want to see if it matches.

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Not photos but maybe mammograms.

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I post my own nude photos.

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lol a friend of mine did a porno and the clips are now available on spankwire with images on fleshbot. she also does nude modeling for Supercult too which she would always let me know when she did a new shoot and happily send me the pictures of her.

this would include blatant vag shots and many others. she has like 5 sets up on there. it is kinda hot looking at someone naked who you know and talk to. :D

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Completely nude? No. Partially nude? Yes.

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Check this out: “McDonald’s sued over nude photos” – careful where you leave your phone!

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Nope. Nada. Zip. Zero. None.

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I know there are none because I keep my nudie pics under lock and key and not on my computer. And I generally don’t have any type of sketchy sex where someone could have the ability to film me without me knowing.

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If there were, there would be a lot of people reporting to emergency rooms with symptoms of nausea.

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Indeed. I put them there myself. No face. Tasteful. Nude. I put them on a free site six years ago. I have not been able to find them on-line, mostly because I forgot what name I used when I posted them. Site is still up and running but no SAT to be found…yet. I have never seen them stolen and put on another site, but i don’t look around that much.

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My ex-girlfriend sent me some single-x pictures a couple years ago, to a Gmail account. Obviously that stuff passes through all kinds of devices before it gets to my inbox, but I never really though anyone could see them – but there are ads for lingerie in the sidebar…

I wonder if any actual human has seen those other than us?

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This reminds me of the story of the guy who left his phone at a McDonalds with nude pictures of his wife. Those pictures got online and now McDonalds is being sued for 3 Million Dollars.

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The only person who has nude pics of me doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer, so I don’t think I have anything to worry about.

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Can someone clue me in…not the if, but the why.

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A picture of my shouder (pre-tattoo) was in part of a picture online a few years ago. That’s as naked as I get in public…

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I hope not. No one should have to see me naked.

Unfortunately, it is possible.

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Probably. But I’m on the same page as jessturtle23 :D

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@comunactivo_z about to say lol I remember something fairly recent happening about something like this.. that stinks.

Personally I think it would be totally awkward if not extremely hilarious to find someone you know on some website..

What I can’t imagine is how you’d tell that person lol how do you ice break that kinda conversation.. soo… i saw… uh.. lol

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Of course with intermediate Photoshop skills and a wide range of naked torsos, you could make it appear anyone had a nude picture on the net.

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I’m sure that my spiteful, vindictive ex has posted things of me somewhere. The good thing was that the only pictures he ever had didn’t have most of my face in them.

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Angel: I asked this generally earlier now I am asking you specifically-
1. Since most exes are vindictive and/or spiteful and most of our currents end up as exes,
2. Since this guy was basically objectifying you with headless pictures,

What were you thinking?

We know what he was thinking. portable, free, trophy porn and a way to blackmail/control/humiliate you if you didn’t toe the line. But honestly what was in it for you? A way to prove your love? A way to put a little spice in your relationship?

I’ve never had to prove my love to men who loved me and if the sex stopped being exciting enough, it wasn’t going to get better by putting it on film or tape. In fact that would be kind of inhibiting, too much to concentrate on. If guys are more into your parts than they are your totality, they are just pervs.

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@galileogirl: There’s always the chance she was just doing it for simple fun.

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C’mon girls, if it’s fun it makes for happy memories, otherwise it’s just a stupid, ill-conceived choice.

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sure of it

(laugh now-cry later)

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LOL, well, I would just crop my head out of the them. Besides, I did it because it was fun. I never said the memories were bad. Just because I think he’s spiteful/vindictive doesn’t mean I don’t have good memories of good times.

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I dont mind having my face as a porn star heyy wait the minute do i get to wear my predator Bio Helmet instead ..

My Fangs just might hurt my partner ..

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solid maybe.

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Jolly well hope not! Scary thought!

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See, in order to answer this question with a no.. I first took the step of never letting anyone take any nude photos/videos of me.
No exes have any pictures/videos of me without any clothes on.
I’ve checked all the phones of dudes after having sex with them (not immediately, but y’know.)
I would never be okay with pictures/videos being publicly viewable by anyone.
Call me old fashioned, but I don’t know man.

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i wouldnt even care. long as i wasnt performing any lude acts!

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yes. I put them there. They might be on Adult Friend finder. And the name might be kraghung7

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find pictures of yourself

with tineye

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I don’t think there are… But I wouldn’t be wholly surprised to find out there were my ex boyfriend hates me

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hahah I hope not!

Lesson #12930 learned from previous relationships with men: do NOT leave the nude photos behind in the breakup wreckage! :P

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I’ve never engaged in anything explicit like that, but golly…. I hope not!

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Oh god I hope not
I was in the pool!!

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Yes there are and it worries me daily, that is why I have a no photograph policy. It’s very hard and I hope no one I know sees them.

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There was nothing on the news claiming people spontaneously went blind so I am quite sure there are no naked pic of me out there or there would be 1,000s of new blind people…...

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